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  • Soragaran
    [-]Kage Tower | Ninja Academy | Missions [-]
    Soragaran, or Sky Temple was the beginning of this grand village. It is now the center in which all ninja training takes place. It is here where all things involving Ninja take place. An Academy was created within the compound, as well as a building for the purpose of sending full fledged ninja out on missions. It is here that the children of the country are taught the history of thier nation. They are taught to be brave and couragous just like the Gryphon that symbolizes thier nation.
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  • Soragakure
    [-]Residential District | Industrial Grounds | Gryphon Forest [-]
    Soragakure is a massive city built within the center of a gaint floating country. Unlike any other village, it is one based on technology. So while it takes up the a Hidden vilalge role, it is far from being actually hidden. One could get lost within this vilage for days if they were not familiar with it. Towering buildings span into the sky with hundreds of bridges and roads connecting every inch of the village.
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  • Demon Country
    [-]Sora Occupied Land | Demon Basilisk Swamp | Demon Tribe Village [-]
    Located far to the east is this terrible and hostile land. The people here have become savage and live in a world with nothing of the peace that other nations take so greatly for granted. The land here is not for those iwth the mind to take a casual stroll. The land is laced with marshes and swamps, which house creatures more horrific then some can imagine. It is here that a gaint Demon Ninja Army has been formed in secret, amd were a war that other nations choose to ignore will be waged.
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