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Soragaran, or Sky Temple was the beginning of this grand village. It is now the center in which all ninja training takes place. It is here where all things involving Ninja take place. An Academy was created within the compound, as well as a building for the purpose of sending full fledged ninja out on missions. It is here that the children of the country are taught the history of thier nation. They are taught to be brave and couragous just like the Gryphon that symbolizes thier nation.
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  • Kage Tower
    The newest building in Soragakure. It rest at the closest point to the Soragaran, so to be as closely connected to the temple without having to destroy any more forest to make room for it. The Kage tower is the center for all leadership within the village. It is here they will find the Sorakage, and the Corporation Council.
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  • Ninja Academy
    The academy is the forfront for all ninja training within the village. Unlike other nations, Sky's academy is newer to the nation. This is because Sky did not start out as a ninja nation. However despite this late beginning it has managed to create a stable upbringing for the youth.
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  • Missions
    A council was formed within the Village for the sole purpose of managing the business of selling thier Ninja force as mercs for missions. However since much of the council is made up of Corperate leaders it leads to many missions being taken up to further the greed of the council.
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