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Soragakure is a massive city built within the center of a gaint floating country. Unlike any other village, it is one based on technology. So while it takes up the a Hidden vilalge role, it is far from being actually hidden. One could get lost within this vilage for days if they were not familiar with it. Towering buildings span into the sky with hundreds of bridges and roads connecting every inch of the village.
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  • Residential District
    Much of what is seen on the surface of the country is acctually the residental housing for the village. From homes to entertainment districts are spread across this village. And at the base of it all one can find the coumpounds of a few of the founding clans of the village.
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  • Industrial Grounds
    Below the surface of the country exists a massive factory for creating the vast amounts of war weapons. Security here is at the highest then anywhere in the village. Since Sky wishes to hold the superiority in technology over the other nations. Believing that if thier plans were spread across to the other nations, war would only grow more common and horrific.
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  • Gryphon Forest
    This forest is by far the most natural thing left on the country. It spans around the entire country, with only the center taken down to clear for the village. It is a beautiful place to walk in, even the animals within it are quite peaceful with rarely any deaths ever happening within it. It has become even ritual to send the youth into the village to gain a respect over what nature can create.
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