Demon Country

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Located far to the east is this terrible and hostile land. The people here have become savage and live in a world with nothing of the peace that other nations take so greatly for granted. The land here is not for those iwth the mind to take a casual stroll. The land is laced with marshes and swamps, which house creatures more horrific then some can imagine. It is here that a gaint Demon Ninja Army has been formed in secret, amd were a war that other nations choose to ignore will be waged.
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  • Sora Occupied Land
    This is the forefront of the Sky forces within Demon country. Much to thier dislike the Sky forces could only take the weastern edge of the country from the Demon tribes. Unlike the land controlled by the demon forces, there is little of any the land the Demon people live in held by Sky. With only the easiest lands to conquer in thier grasp, the Sky forces are now faced with an uphill battle trying to take any further land away from the Demon Forces.
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  • Death Basilik Swamps
    What lies between the Sky forces and the Demons, is a giant mix mash of swamps. The difficulty of traversing these swamps has made itself more then apparent for the Sky forces. Leaving with little to no gain in thier controlled land. The Demon forces hold the greatest advantage here, and they use it well. The people here are not the only things to be afraid of here. The creatures born here are even more terrorfying. The most notible being a massive snake that has since been called the Basilisk.
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  • Demon Tribe Village
    Far into the the demon country rests the nomadic demon village. It is not a peaceful place at all. It is so brutal that the weak born here do not last long. Despite that fact they have managed to create a massive army wielding strange ninjutsu. It goes without saying that they pose not only a threat to the Sky, but the entire world. For if they are not stopped the nations couldd burn under thier might.
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