Hanabira City

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The glistening seat of freedom, a blooming city in the dust, and the foundation of all their hope. Hanabira is the capitol city of the Republic of Suna, home to the Parliament, Higashikaze Academy, and the Hana Medical Institute.
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  • House of the Lotus
    An exquisite building created to house the Republic's parliament. From airship, the building looks like a lotus blossom, with the parliament meeting in the center.
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  • Higashikaze Academy
    The future of the Republic lies in its children. Higashikaze Academy is the premier educational institution in the entire country. No longer focusing only on the arts of killing, this Academy expands young minds the endless possibilities of the world.
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  • Hana Medical Institute
    The Republic of Suna is on the cutting edge of medical research, having a long tradition of excellent doctors. The Hana Medical Institute is named for the Kyuudaime Kazekage, Hana Saihoushi, and is the gathering of the greatest medical minds in the country. Excellent medical care and research are the daily goals of the Institute.
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