Wind Country

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From the eastern desert plains, to the infamous Westlands and the southern coast with its neighboring islands, the Wind Country covers an array of changing landscapes and other settlements. The people who live there are as diverse and powerful as the lands they live on.
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  • Coast
    The glimmering coasts of the Republic of Suna is a popular tourist destination. The sea, dotted with dozens of tiny islands, provides life, adventure, and a route to the outside world.
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  • Greater Wind Country
    The largest country in the world, the Republic of Suna still has many unexplored little corners. Explorers be careful: water is life.
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  • The Westlands
    Home to criminals and poor alike, the Westlands are the most dangerous, hostile piece of the desert. Great heroes still fight to tame this region. Notable places include the Southern Steppe and Llama Rock - a rock that looks like a llama.
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