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  • Gougi Honkyo :: The Grand Citadel
    [. Administrative Domain | Mission Alcove | Scroll Atheneum .]
    Gougi Honkyo. The Grand Citadel. Within the confines of this massive fortress lies the heart of Iwagakure no Sato. The Grand Citadel is a castle in it's own right, complete with Environs, and an outer wall surrounding it. The Gougi Honkyo houses three essential structures to the Village Hidden in the Earth. The Administrative Domain, from which the Tsuchikage leads and guides the village. The Mission Alcove, where mission assignments, team formations, and exams are handed out. Lastly, the Scroll Atheneum, located deep in the basements of Gougi Honkyo, this vast collection of scrolls contains all the information one could want on Iwagakure no Sato. Some Restrictions Apply. These three structures make up the central system for operating Iwagakure no Sato.
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  • Ittai no Sato :: Regions of the Village
    [. Quartz Square | Residential District | The Frozen Labyrinths .]
    Ittai no Sato represents the different regions within the Village Hidden in the Earth. One of the most popular areas within the Village is Quartz Square, a bustling market district founded upon a clear quartz bedrock. Perhaps the most populated region of the village would be the Residencial District. Located on multiple small plateau's, this area is the suburban region of Iwagakure no Sato, filled with houses and inns. The third region within the village would be the Frozen Labyrinths, a below-freezing area underground made up of a series of twisting and winding tunnels. Just in front of this region is a mediocre plain and coniferous forest where shinobi train. These regions conglomerated make up the whole of the Village Hidden in the Earth.
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  • Tsuchi no Kuni :: The Earth Country
    [. The City Torn Asunder | The Petrified Forest | The Mountains of Ancient Glory | The Underground .]
    Tsuchi no Kuni, or the Earth Country, is the second largest country out of the five great nations, second only to Kaze no Kuni, the Land of Wind. Tsuchi no Kuni however, is a land of many landscapes unlike the desert country of Kaze no Kuni. The first landscape one comes across after normal rock formations is a plain of destruction. The ruins of an ancient city five times the size of Iwagakure no Sato mars the arid, rocky plain in which it lies. This nameless city's ruins were believed to be destroyed by the creatures dwelling on it's edge within a place as unknown as the city's history. The edges of the City Torn Asunder are marked by ancient trees that have been petrified over the millenia, these massive pillars of stone now stand as monuments of era's passed. These 'monuments' make up the Petrified Forest, a place filled of strange creatures, believed to be the summons of shinobi today. Along Tsuchi no Kuni's borders lies an old mountain range that tears into the clouds. Within this mountain range lies a mythical swamp, filled with legends and illusions of the old world, a city laided with gems of all kinds, and a mysterious valley. Along the coast lies the magnificent city of Port Saint Lucia. These distinct territories make up the diversity of Tsuchi no Kuni, the Earth Country.
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