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  • The Phoenix Clock Tower
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    The Phoenix Clocktower serve as a monument to honor the past Kajikages. The builiding itself is comprised of large bricks, layered on top of each other in a random yet exquisite display. On the top of the tower is a large clock. Underneath this clock are small statues, each of them made to appear like the past leaders of the village. This Clock Tower was reconstructed after Kasai's dreadful run-in with Criminal Suisha Amamizu.
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  • City Guarded by Hinokagutsuchi :: Kasaigakure
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    The great majority of the village of Kasai is residential and industrial, with several landmarks dominating the landscape. Such as the Pit, an area for shinobi training and a district that also contains the Granite Coliseum and the Ninja Academy. The suburbs are shadowed over by the volcano, and positioned so that most of the time the residents are tucked away from the blaring sun, which has also been designed for a quick underground escape if required. The Mongoose Marketplace is marked by a large fountain, built in memoriam to the late Kasaikage Khan Nus, the new name quickly having been adopted.
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  • Kaji no Kuni :: Ash Country
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    Lake Iji is a rather large lake that is known to be inhabited by rather large alligators, which are very infamous - there can be no doubt to their source. Vicious creatures lurk beneath the surface in this lake and several other small ones, such as Sharkbait Lake and Chi Pond. To the north of the village are several valleys within the mountain range, containing vast forests of ash and elder trees. The area is known for their big cats, such as Lynx and Bobcats, as well as large prey animals such as deer and caribou. Snow often litters the ground in higher altitudes. To the east and south are vast plains fading into more mountains and deserts, tall grasses giving a home to savannah animals such as lions and giraffes.
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