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  • The Heart of Konoha
    The inner sanctum and last bastion of defense for what remains of the shinobi still loyal to the Will of Fire. Once a peaceful gem of the legendary village, the city center has been turned into a makeshift fort and while the administration still remains active along with the training academy many things have changed. The buildings, like many spirits are hardened to match their current situation where battle is always common.
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  • The Sites of Konoha
    Konoha is a diverse place indeed and this holds true even during times of war. While once peaceful streets and parks have now become battlefields and camps but that doesn’t make the village any less grand. The less populated markets are now raided by both sides for resources and many homes are nightly respites for all factions involved. You are never quite sure who or what you may run into while out in the village.
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  • The Fire Country
    War does not only rage in Konoha. The Fire Country at large has become a war zone with numerous false daimyos of all allegiances popping up throughout the country. Without a central village to provide shinobi manpower, many a mercenary has made their way into the country’s borders as well as representatives from surrounding villages. Trust and safety are at a premium and many who take that for granted find themselves vanishing to some unknown force.
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