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  • Takama-ga-hara
    [ \Sakura Hiroba | Kamiza | Yomi/ ]
    The capital city of Raikou no Kuni, nestled between mountain peaks in the center of the country. Its altitude and location lead to common snowfall, though it is not necessarily cold throughout the year, clear days often leading to be as warm as summer. At the southern end of this star-shaped city lies a great stone bridge spanning a large lake, connecting to the road back down to the rest of the world. The home of both the Daimyo and Kamiza, the Onigami Compounds.
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  • Kumonoshin | "The Heart of Kumo"
    [ \The Meeting House | Kumonohora | The Heart of the Chiroptera/ ]
    The reclusive fort housing the survivors of Kumogakure no Sato's destruction, located in the center of Chiroptera Forest whose dangers and local superstitions provide a natural barrier to the rest of the world. Nestled in the roots of one of the ancient trees, the people here are learning to survive alongside the ancient forest, the local Koumori serving to help things along. However, carefully hidden away underneath the fort the shinobi way of life continues on in the shadows in Kumonohora....
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  • The Lands and Cities
    [ \Garyuu no Yamajiro | Chiroptera Forest | Dai Boeki no Michi | Eastern Plateaus | Ruins of Kumogakure no Sato/ ]
    The country of Raikou no Kuni, home to countless towns amongst the northern mountains, southern forests, eastern plateaus, western plains, and craggy coastlines, the untamed wild outclassing all. Nomads roam these wilds and Dai Boeki no Michi, the Great Trade Road, while the ruins of Kumogakure no Sato have become a dangerous place where evil gathers, and Garyuu no Yamajiro is rumored to have a group seeking to gain the trust of the reclusive Ryuujin....
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