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Ittai no Sato represents the different regions within the Village Hidden in the Earth. One of the most popular areas within the Village is Quartz Square, a bustling market district founded upon a clear quartz bedrock. Perhaps the most populated region of the village would be the Residencial District. Located on multiple small plateau's, this area is the suburban region of Iwagakure no Sato, filled with houses and inns. The third region within the village would be the Frozen Labyrinths, a below-freezing area underground made up of a series of twisting and winding tunnels. Just in front of this region is a mediocre plain and coniferous forest where shinobi train. These regions conglomerated make up the whole of the Village Hidden in the Earth.
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  • Quartz Square
    Quartz Square is the center of nearly all commerce within Iwagakure no Sato. Quartz Square is also the physical center of the village. The Square itself is roughly one thousand and five-hundred yards by one thousand and five-hundred yards, yielding an astounding two million two-hundred and fifty thousand square yards of area. While the commercial shops extend much further than this area, the dimnsions specified are where the Quartz Square is actually made of the precious gemstone. Quartz Square is named such because of the quartzite ground it rest upon. The Quartz itself is a transulcent white but usually appears a dark blue-black color due to the bedrock nearly a hundred feet below the quartz bed. Many of the higher end businesses have paid large lump sums of money just to place their business on this beautiful quartz in hopes of attracting more customers. A large tourist center the Quartz Square is the perfect place to shop, eat, and play.
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  • Residential District
    The Residential District is perhaps one of the largest districts inside Iwagakure no Sato. The district expands outward from the Gougi Honkyo towards the edges of the village itself. This one large district is divided up into three smaller districts of varying size called rings. The innermost ring is known as the "Upper Ring", the Upper Ring houses esteemed leaders and politicians of Iwagakure no Sato, as well as high profile visitors to the village, this district also contains Quartz Square where many of the high-end business shops are located. This is the Beverly Hills of Iwagakure no Sato. The next ring is simply known as the "Inner Ring", this is the suburbia of Iwagakure no Sato, housing shinobi, merchants, and other middle class plebeians. The outer edges of Quartz Square touch here, so many market streets and "mom and pop" shops take residence amongst he Inner Ring. The last ring is known as the "Lower" or "Outer Ring", this ring houses the projects of Iwagakure no Sato, many low-end businesses reside here as well as poor merchants, the housing here is poor and decrepit.
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  • The Frozen Labyrinths
    The Frozen Labyrinths are a place of misery and despair. Once famous mine shafts, the Frozen Labyrinths are now all but abandoned, any villager who's gone into the Labyrinths has never made their way out. Shinobi have been dispatched in after them with a tether tied to them to prevent losing them, however each trip yielded no results, it was as if the earth had swallowed the villager whole. In actuality, The Frozen Labyrinths are a series of confusing tunnels that reach sub-zero temperatures as the depth increases. A geographical oddity, the labyrinths have claimed many a adventurer and scientist, seeking to either conquer or find reason for the irregularities these elaborate tunnels portray
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  • The Impenetrable City
    The Impenetrable City, or Kin'oumuketsu Shuushin, is a city vast in size. Able to house nearly three Iwagakure no Sato's within it's great wall, the city is the metropolitan center of the Earth Country. Tucked safely behind its massive wall, the great city is the hub for all things recent and new in the Earth Country, as well as a recorder of the Earth Country's heritage and culture. The city itself stretches over hundreds of square miles, constructed around the city is a massive wall that stands over five thousand feet high, three hundred feet thick, and protrudes over six thousand feet into the ground coming within hundreds of feet of the cavern that lies underneath the Earth Country. The city 's location geographically, is only several dozen miles from the border of the Earth Country, the city is accessible to many of the other nations, making it a popular meeting place for Iwagakurians and their friends from other countries.
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