The Phoenix Clock Tower

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The Phoenix Clocktower serve as a monument to honor the past Kajikages. The builiding itself is comprised of large bricks, layered on top of each other in a random yet exquisite display. On the top of the tower is a large clock. Underneath this clock are small statues, each of them made to appear like the past leaders of the village. This Clock Tower was reconstructed after Kasai's dreadful run-in with Criminal Suisha Amamizu.
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    The massive white halls of the Phoenix Tower, filled with great masterpieces from paintings to sculptures of great men and women in Kasai’s history, are a work of art themselves; the architectural genius put into every arch, every wall and every piece of white marbled floor makes this a work for the ages. The halls connect every office, every department, everyone and everything that set up their wok in the great tower.
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  • Embassies of the World
    Along the beautiful and large halls of the Phoenix Tower you’ll find several doors, each entrance to one of the many offices and departments that have rooted themselves in the tower. These offices can serve many duties, from team organization to handing out missions to young ninja teams, there are also bounty hunter agencies that earn their pay from seasoned ninjas and fighters that hunt down and bring the criminals into custody, dead or alive.
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  • Pumice Bookhalls
    All the information you will ever need is present in this place, you can randomly throw a rock and find a book filled with things you’ve never seen before in your life. Story books, scientific research papers, ninjutsu scrolls and a scary old librarian, if you’re a bookworm, this will be Heaven on Earth. Of course the most important village secrets are not out in the open for everyone to take home, guarded by 15 inches of steel and heavily armed guards, this library has more security then a bank.
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