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The great majority of the village of Kasai is residential and industrial, with several landmarks dominating the landscape. Such as the Pit, an area for shinobi training and a district that also contains the Granite Coliseum and the Ninja Academy. The suburbs are shadowed over by the volcano, and positioned so that most of the time the residents are tucked away from the blaring sun, which has also been designed for a quick underground escape if required. The Mongoose Marketplace is marked by a large fountain, built in memoriam to the late Kasaikage Khan Nus, the new name quickly having been adopted.
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  • The Pit
    Regardless of what you are looking for, be it power or entertainment, the pit is the place to be. There will always be a fight, there will always be a training session and there will always be classes, from young open minds eager to learn to season veterans testing themselves, this place is always lively and filled with people. The Academy right next to the training area is the place where the children are moulded into weapons and the big actual pit on the opposite side of the Academy is the place where these weapons are tested out.
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  • Shadowed Suburbia
    Dark during the night, and still dark during the day, these streets are not for those that are looking for a tan but contrary to popular belief the showy streets are not dangerous even at night, even when you can’t see an inch in front of you, because of the simple fact of the heavy security. Because of Kasai’s sad past, security was tightened, still loose enough to let the people live their normal lives but everyone has a pair of eyes on their back at all times, for their own protection of course.
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  • Mongoose Marketplace
    In memory of the late great Kajikage Khan Nus, this beautiful market is filled with life. Vendors making their living, people buying various wears, people simply browsing, kids playing, pickpockets earning their bread and butter and of course the daily entertainment, be it clowns or jugglers, there is always something here. But of course it goes without saying that the big landmark of this area is the fountain, the beautiful fountain named after the past Kage’s favorite animal is a sight for sore eyes, bringing a smile to even the most gloomy of people.
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