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  • Ruins of Umigakure
    A failed project on behalf of Kirigakure's belate Eighth Mizukage, Shuraba Akusas, his brain child died with him, and thus has lain in ruin. A dangerous area, it has been forsaken by the village and no one is to officially be allowed entry. It still exists, but the protections stopping people from trespassing no longer work, and you are to keep out, least you intend the wrath of whatever lays within. It has been reported, that, related to Shuraba's misdeeds, there are numerous manners of undead and other such monsters creeping about, stuck within the confines of Umigakure yet hungry all the same.
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  • Valhalla
    Valhalla is a former capital of Kirigakure. This village is, unlike the other villages in Kirigakure, exclusively military run. The village has been built from the ground up to support armies temporarily living within it, having only the bare necessities food and entertainment wise. As of late however, with the official military's withdrawal from the city altogether, it has become inhabited by all manner of mercenary and scum, of which has demented the once proud military capital into a sleazy slum equip with an army of drunken hands for hire.
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  • Hotei's Grave
    Hotei is a fabled diety responsible for all good fortune, wealth, and luck within the world. Likewise, one wishing to build a city based upon those virtues would be best suited to honor such a diety. Hotei's Grave is more then just a city named to honor god, however. Legend has it that Hotei himself traversed this stretch of land, and in this city he died. Nevertheless, the market-like city that arose is quite the investment. All manner of ships going to port to port can be found here. At any given time, one can find a ship going to any country in the world in this cities harbours. Because of it's intense wealth and ergo political clout, this village remains, technically, an independent city state.
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