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  • Court of Steel
    The court of steel is the self-titled name for the military sector of Kirigakure's namesake city. The "sector" is, in all reality, a modern castle like series of interconnected compounds. All of these compounds are built to be utilitarian. Serving as a fusion of an armory, military supplier, mission database, training grounds, barracks, and prison, it is well armed and gaurded by Kiri's elite. There exists only one entrance that can be traversed freely, those entering should take note to watch their tongue while within.
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  • Sapphire Heart
    The Sapphire heart is a rather impressive building in the dead center of Kirigakure's namesake city. The building itself, above ground, is little more then a glorified elevator, able to take up to 50 people into the depths of the building at once. The building is dug into the earth itself, descending far into the rocky depths. The building is made out of a mixture of a gloriously sapphire-like material, coupled with beige here and there to break the monotony. The walls and floors of the building are one, forming oblong pipe like structures. The building houses several classrooms and various facilities required for a fully functioning ninja academy. At the very base of the building lies the Mizukage's office. The back wall of the office is but a window, allowing one to see out onto the glorious sea floor.
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