The Heart of Konoha

The inner sanctum and last bastion of defense for what remains of the shinobi still loyal to the Will of Fire. Once a peaceful gem of the legendary village, the city center has been turned into a makeshift fort and while the administration still remains active along with the training academy many things have changed. The buildings, like many spirits are hardened to match their current situation where battle is always common.
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  • The Hokage Building and Legendary Faces
    This once gleaming building situated near the rear of the village has been turned into a fort outpost where many of Konoha’s strategists and most talented toil away daily to protect those that can no longer fight. The ridge above the Hokage Face Monument now sits dotted with tents and temporary housing for those civilians and shinobi who have lost their homes to the raging war. Missions and the village roster can be found here.
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  • The Ninja Academy//The Team Complex
    The once large and famous Konoha Academy has been turned into a barracks for the small force still loyal to the Will of Fire. Not just children are taught these days either, with volunteers of any age accepted should they want to defend their home with their lives. The lower levels have been turned into training area from all shinobi though there is more then enough war available to keep ones talents sharp. Classes and training for loyalists can take place here.
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  • The Forward Outpost
    What was once the Konoha Hospital has been turned into a secondary outpost and triage center since the time the Great Gates fell. Life is hard and the constant threat of attack is very real though loyalists have managed a decent defense with the help of fortifications created by Doton jutsu. The Forward Outpost acts as a staging point for missions and the return point for journeys by loyalists as well as the entry point for wanders into old Konoha.
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