The Sites of Konoha

Konoha is a diverse place indeed and this holds true even during times of war. While once peaceful streets and parks have now become battlefields and camps but that doesn’t make the village any less grand. The less populated markets are now raided by both sides for resources and many homes are nightly respites for all factions involved. You are never quite sure who or what you may run into while out in the village.
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  • The Killing Fields
    Once a vast area of training for all, the soil is now staid with the blood of those whose names that have yet been carved on the stone. Training of a different kind now occurs in the sprawling open areas along the rivers. If one wishes to remember how fleeting a shinobi’s life is, look no further then a stroll through the old Memorial Park.
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  • The Fallen Gate
    The enemy factions instigating civil war didn’t take long to bring down the Great Gate. As loyalists retreated, a camp of rebel fighters was set up in the archway as an insult. No one quite knows who pulls the strings from within the command here but everyone knows there is someone. Whether it be an enemy village or simply a wanderer with a bone to pick, those who fight against the Konoha Loyalists will find their roster and missions here. Loyalist should enter at their own peril.
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