Sound Headquarters

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In the inner sanctuary of the village, a large meeting hall stands out with two golden horns piercing the sky. It may resemble a Buddhist temple complex, but it is actually the Headquarters of the Sound Village and the center of important information. The Sound Village utilizes a Mission Board, which hangs on a wall inside the facility. It allows shinobi's to select and complete missions posted, as well as create custom missions themselves. Also, the Shinobi Registry is located inside the Sound Headquarters and it keeps track of all Sound shinobi - as well as wanted shinobi. Bounties are placed on wanted shinobi's heads and when the shinobi is collected, special prizes are then given as rewards. But most importantly, inside this structure the official business of the village is run by the Otokage and the Sound Council to achieve the Sound Agenda.
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  • Mission Board
    This is where a library of missions are posted for players to complete at their convenience and also where teams can be formed. This board is dedicated to the business side of the Sound, keeping up with the income from the missions and the distribution of rewards after those missions are completed.
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  • Shinobi Register
    A large book rests in the Kage's office, possessing a picture and bio of every shinobi in the Sound Village along with the roster of teams. This book's pages are actively scanned to ensure the best quality in missions. In addition, there are also occasional bounties that come into the Shinobi Registration office; which are then placed into the Bingo Book that just so happens to also be located here.
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  • Sound Agenda
    This is where the collaboration and communication of ideas, events, or village plots are discussed by players and staffers. Therefore, this board is used for the OOC sharing of ideas, questions, answers, and discussions about the progression of the Sound Village. You will find the monthly feed of interesting news about what is going on in the Sound Village here.
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