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The present Otogakure in - the southern regions of the Land of Rice - is a vibrant city built above, below, and in the walls of a large canyon lined with multiple connecting wooden bridges, secret caves, and clandestine labs. Otogakure is also the capital city of the Rice Country and therefore houses every type of person imaginable. The village itself can be broken down into two main parts: the inner and outer city. The inner city is located in the walls of the canyon where history and artifacts date back to its settlement. The outer city is fairly new and spills over the plateau above the canyon. It is where most of the citizens of Otogakure live and work. Otogakure is steadily growing thanks to the villages massive power supply from its dammed waterfall. Protecting Otogakure is a large wall with only two gates surrounding the entire village. These gates look akin to demons and are the origins of many tales of the village's intent.
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  • Shinobi Academy
    Originally the Sound Village had no official Shinobi Academy. It had a genin training regiment, which took only the best and put them through hell. It was determined later that this caused many of the older jounin and chuunin to become mentally insane at older ages. Therefore, the Yondaime Otokage created a Shinobi Academy, which would properly groom youngsters into loyal shinobi. This is where shinobi within the village practice, spar, and train to achieve their best.
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  • Sound Medical Research Facility
    The Sound Medical Research Facility serves as the perfect place to nurture, train, and license future medics and scientists of Otogakure. As well as, service the medical needs of ninjas and villagers alike. The Facility is a three story octagon-formed building with a large domed center equipped with various greenhouses for research and therapeutic recreation. Two levels beneath the hospital are 3 sub-levels of labs designated for testing and other experiments along with a series of comfortable holding cells for volunteering experiments.
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