Rice Country

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The Rice Country is more than its signature rice fields and massive forests. It is the largest grain exporter and is filled with dangerous jungles, hidden springs, unexplored caves, and a sprinkle of hidden treasure buried along its coast and in its forests. The Rice Country is a beautiful nation still recovering from the Great Shinobi war. It is slowly gaining influence over neighboring countries as the Otogakure shinobi expand their services to a broader range of nations.
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  • Western Regions [bordering on Suna & Iwa]
    The Western Regions are lush tropical forests and fields with streams of clear water that slowly change into barren lands with a plethora of caves, sinkholes, and protruding limestone rock formations. The Western Regions border the Earth Country and posses natural defenses against any sieges from them. Settled in between these very different landscapes lies Taki No Kuni.
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  • Eastern Regions [bordering on Kumo]
    The Eastern Regions plains that border on The Land of Lightning fluctuate from vast marshes to waving mountain-passes. Ancient civilisations have been lost in the grimy waters or left forgotten between the rocks. Trade-routes coil along narrow trails where a single wrong step can have fatal results.
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  • Northern Regions
    The Northern Regions consists mainly of beautiful sandy beaches, fishing villages and the obligatory pirate cove. The area in between the Southern Regions Rice Fields and the sea are scattered with trade posts and the occasional abandoned laboratory from the days of Orochimaru.
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