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Tsuchi no Kuni, or the Earth Country, is the second largest country out of the five great nations, second only to Kaze no Kuni, the Land of Wind. Tsuchi no Kuni however, is a land of many landscapes unlike the desert country of Kaze no Kuni. The first landscape one comes across after normal rock formations is a plain of destruction. The ruins of an ancient city five times the size of Iwagakure no Sato mars the arid, rocky plain in which it lies. This nameless city's ruins were believed to be destroyed by the creatures dwelling on it's edge within a place as unknown as the city's history. The edges of the City Torn Asunder are marked by ancient trees that have been petrified over the millenia, these massive pillars of stone now stand as monuments of era's passed. These 'monuments' make up the Petrified Forest, a place filled of strange creatures, believed to be the summons of shinobi today. Along Tsuchi no Kuni's borders lies an old mountain range that tears into the clouds. Within this mountain range lies a mythical swamp, filled with legends and illusions of the old world, a city laided with gems of all kinds, and a mysterious valley. Along the coast lies the magnificent city of Port Saint Lucia. These distinct territories make up the diversity of Tsuchi no Kuni, the Earth Country.
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  • The City Torn Asunder
    The City Torn Asunder, is an area containing the rubble of an ancient city that once was so vast in size it could have fit five Iwagakure no Sato's inside its borders. This city used to be a place of great meetings between political figure heads and religious groups for worship, politics, and many great decisions. The remains and rubble of the city are said to hide many archeological treasures, although most of the more prevalent ones have already been archived or looted. Located on a flat plain of rock, one can see for miles in any direction from where the great city once stood. From the center of the city, the edges of the The Petrified Forest can be seen off at the edges of the horizon in the distance.
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  • The Petrified Forest
    The Petrified Forest is a colossal forest lost to the hands of time. The forest 'trees' are gargantuan cretaceous era trees that withstood all the hardships brought to them over the millenniums past. The ancient living giants eventually succumbed to age and died out, however, over the next few millenniums there was nothing to bring the giants down, no creature was large enough, and no storm fierce enough to topple the giants that reached into the sky and carved the clouds. These trees eventually fossilized, becoming mineral and rock, immortalizing them into the landscape.
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  • Mountains of Ancient Glory
    Deep within the Earth Country, their exists a towering ring of mountains, known as the Sangaku Furui Hae, which seem to pierce the Heavens themselves. For almost all of written history, the lands beyond the mountain range remained whispered rumors, with any and all facts being few and far between. The mountain range is plagued with some of the worst weather conditions known to mankind, making passage near impossible. For the longest time, the mountains remained an enigma, with expedition after expedition of explorers dying upon the mountains, slain by weather or beast. The few who actually managed to survive long enough to clear the range always returned in a delirious state, screaming about mammoth beasts and living caves, before dying without telling anyone of the path they took. Thanks to the valiant deeds of a team of explorers these lands have now become open for the brave of heart.
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  • The Underground
    Kakure - Hidden; Underground; Crypto. The civilization that dwells beneath the Village Hidden in the Earth is the result of years of banishment's, imprisonments, and more importantly...experiments from the Councils and Kages. Many generations before the Tsuchikage Nanao Shishio, Kakure, or The Underground, was simply a massive sinkhole that stretched for miles in any direction located underneath the village. Kakure, was originally discovered through the Frozen Labyrinths, whose winding tunnels eventually connected the surface to this world hidden beneath the surface. Upon its discovery, The Underground was kept a political secret. Hidden from the public, Kakure became a prime location for harboring enemies of the state, exiles, and more recently, the grotesque experiments of N.I.M.S. Over generations this underground civilization has grown and developed, as many inhabitants have collected the junk of the surface dwellers and with each new banishment and imprisonment, new knowledge of the status and teachings of the above world are assimilated into the Underground Society, leaving this secret world, only a few generations behind in knowledge and technology.

    With the birth of N.I.M.S. however, complications have arose within Kakure, mysterious murders are being committed, strange creatures are being sighted...and even more threatening an unknown disease has found its way into the Underground. Stricken with panic and grief, a council has convened, the people of Kakure are now searching for the path to the surface. If the route is discovered, what awaits the unknowing citizens of the village above ?...
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