::- The Great Snow Village -::

Yuki was discovered and exhumed from its icy tomb ages ago upon its conception. It seems that the ancient people of the village were killed by a freak avalanche caused by a volcanic eruption in the now dormant mountain that stands above the village. Now the Village Hidden in the Snow serves as the military defense center of the Snow Empire. Training its elite Ninja, Guards, Police and the elite Archers that each play their role in defending the Snow Country's cities and borders.
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  • Ooyuki Barracks
    Here is where most missions, events and most rank-up activities will be held. The Ooyuki Barracks is a place where bounties from local to international are collected for the ninja of Yuki. The targets are brought here are processed, then shipped out to the Iron Province to work and live within the merciless mines that litter that part of the country. Hard Labor or Death is the only sentence handed out by the justice system here. This makes the criminals of Yuki crafty, and the country's missions are all the more heroic and dangerous.
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  • Sleet Dojo
    This is the epicenter of education and learning in all of the Snow Country. The Sleet Dojo is a complex of large open gymnasiums and training facilities that allow Chuunin and above to take up students and train their pupils with world-class equipment. The complex is one of the prominent features of the Hidden River Village's skyline, its large traditional style roof is the largest recognizable feature in the southern end of Kawa.
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  • Kyudo Guard Tower
    This is the headquarters and training facility of the world famous Yuki Archers and their subordinate organization. The Archers pride themselves in producing elite warriors that not only can fight to defend the Hidden River Village, but also train to run complex covert operations in the defense of the whole Snow Country as well. The Kyudo Tower stands opposite the Yukikage's headquarters on the western edge of the village. It is the tallest building in the skyline and has a spotlight used in night pursuits that occur within the village.
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  • Hakujou Business District
    This is where most of the residents of the Snow Village reside, and doubles as the economic center of the village. Lining the outside of the district is a slew of apartment complexes and small neighborhoods that house the civilians of Yukigakure no Sato. However, at the heart, is a nucleus of economic power in the form of restaurants, shops, and freelance shinobi agencies that fuel the great Snow Village. It is perhaps the most industrialized and metropolitan area of the city, and is a great attraction for travelers passing through the village.
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