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Outside the walls of the major cities, the Snow Empire boasts a variety of climates and landscapes. From the frozen glacial desert of the north, to the deciduous rain forest in the south, the four provinces are fun to discover for those who can keep their wits about them. Wild beasts of primitive and dangerous proportions loom in the corners of even its most barren wastelands, and the criminal elements are almost free to roam anyplace that is secluded from civilization.
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  • The Imperial Province
    The military and political capitals of the empire are found here. Outside of Kawa and Yukikoto however, only small pockets of nomadic civilization are found. This Province is known as an impassable labyrinth or rock and snow. Tall mountains and endless white winters with patches of evergreen forests is all you will find in this pristine but unforgiving land.
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  • Province of Iron
    This province is a police district located in the heart of the frozen glacial plateau found in the central north portion of the Empire. The only city named Kouseki is a prison city with literally two kinds of residents, Police and Prisoners. The city works as a mining facility, where people who have broken the law serve their long and laborious sentences producing the coal that fuels the rest of the country. Escape means certain death in a barren and bitterly frozen wasteland. Here there are very few things that survive outside the city, and even in the city survival is only certain if one can live out their term within its walls.
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  • Province of Lakes
    This province is an independent and entrepreneurial annex of the greater Snow Empire, the other provinces serve as a protectorate while the residents here out of their cheif city Mizuumi produce the finished goods that are brought in from all corners of the Empire. As the name suggests, the landscape of this province is riddled with lakes, swamps bogs and quagmires which sit on top of glacial till. This province doesn't have as great a population as the Imperial Province, but the population is much more spread out, choosing comfortable suburban living as opposed to chaotic metropolitan life that presides in the other three provinces.
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  • Province of Wood
    This province supports the fastest growing businesses in the Empire, lumber and trade. The capital city of Port Minato is a bustling mercantile goldmine. Fast ships travel to all parts of the known world allowing free trade and travel to Yuki's population. The lumber mills benefit from the unusual amounts of rain that fall around this area, creating wide rivers and the largest deciduous rain forest in the world.
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