The Lands and Cities

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The country of Raikou no Kuni, home to countless towns amongst the northern mountains, southern forests, eastern plateaus, western plains, and craggy coastlines, the untamed wild outclassing all. Nomads roam these wilds and Dai Boeki no Michi, the Great Trade Road, while the ruins of Kumogakure no Sato have become a dangerous place where evil gathers, and Garyuu no Yamajiro is rumored to have a group seeking to gain the trust of the reclusive Ryuujin....
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  • Garyu no Yamajiro
    Garyuu no Yamajiro, the Mountain Castle of the Reclining Dragon, has become noticeably more empty since Kumogakure no Sato's destruction, the Ryuujin clan once more growing reclusive in their caverns. The white, sprawling castle on the outer mountain, Yamajiro, made human-sized for guests when it was made, is now populated by a group of peaceful scholars trying to reestablish contact with the dragons, often making excursions into the massive, sprawling abandoned suburbs deep within the mountain's mouth that was build to comfortable house even the eldest of Ryuujin in their true forms, a city made for giants, Garyuu. At its lowest point is a simple tunnel protected by fuuinjutsu that leads into Ryuuguu, the clan caverns of the Ryuujin....
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  • Chiroptera Forest
    The ancient forest in a basin deep within the southern forests, home to both giant beasts and the elusive Koumori clan. Any native of Raikou no Kuni will know of the superstitions and dangers surrounding it, including the Chiroptera wolves that, when fully grown, are several stories tall, the other local species being similarly huge....
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  • Dai Boeki no Michi | Great Trade Road
    In the summer the Great Trade Road invokes pictures of red dusty clouds kicked up by bustling crowds and large carts moving along the road. In the winter beneath the rain and snow the road is dotted with campfires drying muddy boots and soaked clothes and bodies. The long winding route that twists and turns throughout the Land of Lightning is the source of income for the empire and its people alike. Even though the large main road runs north to south, the off-beaten paths that stem from it reach from coast to coast and everywhere in between.
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  • Plateaus of the East
    These Plateaus are numerous with varying height and sizes, most if not all of them have, or had, a small wooded area atop them. Many of the lower ones are occupied by settlements as the people use the height for defensive purposes from wild animals. Many of the higher ones find themselves home to large birds of both the harmless and the down right vicious variety. There has even been reports of creatures ranging from the strange to the downright bizarre calling some of the highest Plateaus home.
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  • Ruins of Kumogakure no Sato
    The ruins of what was once a mighty castle carved from a mountain, now a den of deadly miasma and demons. Beware all who attempt to enter this shell that was once the seat of a great shinobi empire, where now even the very earth has been poisoned....
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