Garyu no Yamajiro

Garyuu no Yamajiro, the Mountain Castle of the Reclining Dragon, has become noticeably more empty since Kumogakure no Sato's destruction, the Ryuujin clan once more growing reclusive in their caverns. The white, sprawling castle on the outer mountain, Yamajiro, made human-sized for guests when it was made, is now populated by a group of peaceful scholars trying to reestablish contact with the dragons, often making excursions into the massive, sprawling abandoned suburbs deep within the mountain's mouth that was build to comfortable house even the eldest of Ryuujin in their true forms, a city made for giants, Garyuu. At its lowest point is a simple tunnel protected by fuuinjutsu that leads into Ryuuguu, the clan caverns of the Ryuujin....
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