DECAY: Crack: Mission 1

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Re: DECAY: Crack: Mission 1

PostPosted by Art » Tue Apr 05, 2011 6:39 am

She watched eagerly with savoring each bite Mokuteki took.

Having spent most her life around food she could easily understand his words while chewing “Your welcome” she replied “ I’m glad you like it” Her voice was peppy and cheery as she watched as Mokuteki’s taste buds died slow and silently.

Taste bud Homicide??? A fitting name for such a technique!

Although catching the glimpse of Ko’s look of disapproval put a damper on her fun as she began to feel more guilty with every moment.

…But it was he own fault right? She tried to reason with herself finding a way to turn it back on him, so she could justify her actions.

Unable too she felt too awful and kept unusually quit on the rest of their journey.

Walking in the desert seemed to take a lot longer and take more out of you when you felt awful. But they finally made it within close proximity to the base. Saying her first words for miles Rei spoke up making her presence known.

“So what’s the plan of attack again?” she questioned.

Being known as a civilian on this trip, she already knew that they didn’t want her on this mission but wanted her to wait away from the action where it was safe.

“But I want to help!!!! Its why I signed up for this!”

Her pleas fell upon deaf ears. With her focus on herself she illiterated the point that she was apart of this mission too.

“Im going!” she announced turning her back to her teammates for only a second “And there is nothing you can do to…”

But before she could finish even finish her words the two ninja sprinted off while her back was turned.

Turning around “…stop me.” She muttered seeing that her teammates had already left.

…They ditched her… and with good reason too! A civilian has no place on the battleground.

“Great just great!” she sarcastically declared before picking a direction and began trekking in the sand.

It quickly became evident too why they left her. Even with her limited (secretive) ninja training she still wasn’t quite up to the stamina and endurance of the average shinobi. Not even a mile from where she started Rei was already lost and tired…

It wasn’t her fault though!!!! With all this sand, even thing looked the same! Running up one sand dune, she would reach the top only to find another. It felt like she was running in circles… and she probably was too.

Loosing just about all hope of joining her teammates Rei was about to give up and be content with being lost. If it wasn’t for that awful sound muffled in the distance and the ever growing abundance of smoke just two dunes over.

It had to be it!

Even though it was her job to feed and take care of the refuges after they been rescued… Rei couldn’t help but want to be apart of the rescue too.

She raced over in the direction of the smoke, unsure of what exactly she would find when she got there… Hoping she wasn’t too late to help.

[Ooc: Fodder Post. Rei isnt all battleyish yet, so i figured by waiting a post it would be alittle safer for her. she will be thar by next post ^^]
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Re: DECAY: Crack: Mission 1

PostPosted by Knyves » Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:33 am

While Ko was busy having a crisis of morality, mentally abusing herself for a failure to save people, and getting shot by a crossbow, Mokuteki was having an entirely different set of problems. Two puppets was not enough to keep these forces at bay, at least not while he was restricted in the use of his stronger attacks. So, like any great puppeteer, who kept the enemy busy while thinking about the entire board, instead of the conflict of a single piece, Mokuteki's mind flitted through the air, calculating possibilities and odds. Chances were she'd been discovered and was having some trouble. Which meant Mokuteki would need to assist. He couldn't do that from this distance.

"Ko, status on those prisoners?" His voice was detached and passive, especially considering the figure on Hitokage had at least three arrows jutting from its person. But that was not Mokuteki. Rising from the sand dune he'd hidden behind while Hitokage and Kagemusha, seated atop it, had begun their assault, Moku took off at a dead sprint, dragging Kagemusha from the mount with a flick of his fingers. Both puppets now worked in tandem, guarding his flanks and striking down enemies as Moku dived, wove, and strove ever inward, toward the camp. Kagemusha was a close range guardian, easily striking down anyone that managed to make it past Hitokage's widespread destruction and ranged attacks. But, it was becoming too crowded for Hitokage to manuever effectively, amidst all the tents.

Poof! The scroll now contained one puppet, freeing Mokuteki's other hand. The strings attached themselves to kunai and shuriken from his holster, equipped with bomb tags to use at a later time. The weapons began dive-bombing incoming assailants, hitting them with enough force to drive them off their feet and kill them in one swift motion.

"Ko, we need to go now!"
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Re: DECAY: Crack: Mission 1

PostPosted by Kobayashi_Akane » Fri Apr 15, 2011 1:56 am

As the quarrel had struck the girl, so too did one strike her attacker. Cursing he clipped the crossbow back to his belt and ran over. He looked at her, and she looked right past him, staring straight up at the sky. After a moment, she fell limp in his hands. Something about the whole ordeal pissed Osamu off. Here was one person who'd actually given enough of a damn to come save refugees trapped this far out, and she'd just gotten killed for it.

There were a number of things in the world Osamu didn't like. Seeing people who tried to do some good die was one of them.

They'd all remained silent in the following moments. Even Povard had nothing to say, despite his way with words.

The silence fell apart as the sounds of combat filled their ears once again. There were others here to help, but they had no way of knowing how many-

"Ko, we need to go now!"

Not enough, then. Osamu grabbed the radio, wasting no time. "Ko was her name then? Well I'll have to thank her at some point. We're going to use all this damn fire as cover to make our way to the main gate! Hold them off for a little longer!"

Wasting no time, the group moved out, carrying the children and Ko. It didn't take them very long to reach the main gate, but they kept running long after they were out, till they were over the first sand dune outside. They came to an abrupt halt, and Osamu fumbled with the radio. "We're out! Just over the first dune from the main gate! Get the hell over here before they get things under control and come looking for us!"

Osamu lowered the radio, panting heavily. He hadn't realized how tired the whole process had made him. He took a moment to reload his crossbow, and then dropped on to the sand. He couldn't rest yet, but a sit-down while they waited wouldn't hurt.


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Re: DECAY: Crack: Mission 1

PostPosted by Art » Wed Apr 20, 2011 5:38 am

“Stupid Meanie Jerk Faces!” she shouted as she stumbled running up the sand dune. She pulled herself up spitting out a mouthful of warm sundried gritty sand… It was obvious that she was still a little heated from being ditched.

“when I see them…” she panted
Finding strength in anger it help fuel her drive to get up this damn hill.
“I’m gonna…”

Finally reaching the top of the dune she had come to the entrance of the compound. It was like everything left her breath her resolve, her anger, left her body . Stopping midsentence she was shocked to scene presented in front of her innocent eyes.

Pillars of smoke lofted out of giant holes in the ground and from these giant pits an eerily strange orange glow dance below- almost like a sunset… But not quite as happy. She could hear the muffled cries of agony from the pit as the smell of old overcook steak sizzling in the breeze. These wernt good things.

She collapsed, Her stomach jerked inside of her, And she fell to her knees. Unable to control herself warm sticky tears began to leak out of her squinted liquid coated eyes.

…People were being burned?….cooked alive?.

Rei winced at the thought, even putting it in laymen terms, it was still gruesome. The longer she spent here the louder the cries became and the louder the haunting voices became the more she cried.

The innocent girl was unprepared for this. What was going on here was unthinkable, looking back on the event there was nothing she could do or even think of to prepair for the horrors inside. The torment of cries echoed for miles around the dunes like they were carried by the slight southern breeze. How did she not hear this before just now?. Her face was hot and wet but still the voices of pain and terror continued getting louder and louder till they finally peaked. Finally reaching her breaking point the voices drove her to her breaking point.

She needed to get out of her, She wanted to stand up but her knees were too weak. Unable to bring herself to leave she did all she could and crawled herself to the nearest pit. Looking down to the contorted blistered bodies below Rei screamed in horror….
What was the point of this?

She didn’t know what drove her to do it… Humanity? Empathy? Insanity? Rei couldn’t help herself as her arm Instantly she reached down to open the iron bars that barricaded the pit, the hot metal searing her hands as they came in contact. She whimpered in pain as she pulled her hands back. It was an age old lesson- Don’t touch, Hot- . But Rei couldn’t help buy try again. Disregarding all that she had just learned she reached down again unable to get even remotely as close. It was like her hand was unable to piece the heated barrier that lofted around the cage.

“no…” she cried “no, No, NO”

She knew that there wasn’t anything she could do to help them, with burned hands she lacked any sort of traditional strength that could break down that iron…Not to say she even had the strength to begin with. Powerless All she could do was watch as the bodies slowly turned to black. Overwhelmed by everything Rei slowly turned her back on the pits and its content that could only be described as its ‘remains’. Her decision tormented her. And it took every ounce of strength to shut off her emotions and think logically. But she was unable to help them and watching in their suffering would only put her in danger, finally noticing several uniformed men gathering up towards the left of the encampment. This mission she signed up for was a disaster- No a massacre. She needed to get out. She needed to find Mokuteki, Ko or anyone she knew that could make this all right. She ran from the screaming, she ran from her fears, she ran from the pit… and she never wanted to return, ever again.

She ran till she was tired and it felt like there wasn’t enough air for her lungs, the smoke was getting thicker now. She threw herself to the ground and rested her back along a ruined wall. She was out of breath, like the wind was knocked out of her. Her body felt weighted down by the simplest of movements as she struggled to turn her head to survey her surroundings.

Looking down next to her was a little boy lying in the sand. His eyes were lifeless with his face covered in ash. But it was the look of peacefulness on his face that made her skin crawl. How could he look like that? How could he look content with his life? The boy didn’t even look to be older than six… He was still barely a child.

Rei closed her eyes and she leaned her head on the sandstone behind her. She needed to rest, she needed to think. She was unable to deal with all this going around her.

But before she could even do anything she felt something brush up on her hand. Her reaction was pure adrenaline, and instant. Reaching over with her other hand she grabbed the nearest thing to her, a rock, and smash what ever touched her. About to bludgeon the culprit Rei was inches away of smashing it before she realized what it was and froze mid tracks…

It was the boy! He was reaching out to her
Just inches away from his hand, she was lucky she stopped herself. The weakened figure called out to her “He…” but before he could even finish his words she had scooped him into her arms. With his life in the balance Rei sprang up to her feet. She didn’t know where this strength was coming from. Nor did she care. With child in arm she dashed through the encampment, not pausing or hesitating for a second. The malnourished kid weighed heavy in her arms, but she didn’t care. If she could escape, if she could save this one child- then it would help subside her guilt she felt for all those she wasn’t able to.

She made quick work back to the entrance, managing to avoid all the guard personal… They seemed preoccupied with something.
Stopping for the first time in several minutes Rei felt a funny feeling and turned around in her tracks. The smoke was thick but Before her eyes was her teammate, Ko! Seeing her face brought excitement to the overwhelmed short order cook who was ready to break down at any second. But as the smoked cleared it revealed more to the picture. She was being carried and kidnapped by a stranger!

Rei stopped in her tracks like a deer in headlights and the bulky figure ran towards her. As the man grew closer and closer impulse kicked in as Rei launched herself in front of him. “What are you doing?” she screamed.
Pushing herself in his way she did her best to repel him

“Put her down..! Stop…! Ill kill you..!” She pounded her free hand on his chest. She tried to do her best to stop the bad man from taking Ko away. However her weak attempts were easily over powered by the male.

“Don’t… Please…. Don’t do this” Her words were weak as She begged to save Ko before the man easily casted her aside. She fell to the ground like a rag doll. With Ko now growing farther and farther away, Rei didn’t know if she had the will power to pick herself up.
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Re: DECAY: Crack: Mission 1

PostPosted by Knyves » Mon Apr 25, 2011 11:32 am

Mokuteki's days followed a simple pattern. Wake up, breakfast, tinker, lunch, train, dinner, tinker, bed. Every day for the past 13 weeks and 6 days. And today, that pattern had been blown into oblivion, along with hundreds of innocents. The strange voice crackling over their supposedly secure communication channel was a cause for worry, sure, Moku didn't place any fears of Ko's danger on this stranger. He was too friendly about her. Thanking her. His language hadn't indicated him to be a threat, and of course, once they were out, Mokuteki could easily catch up to them using Hitokage.

Thwack! Three kunai hit a young warrior in the chest simultaneously. One struck the sternum, possibly cracking it. The second drove deep over the collar bone, pulled down from the sky by Moku's careful manipulations. The third nearly disemboweled him, striking the abdomen at an angle that would have torn the intestines free had they not been contained by a few bandages and a leather vest of armor.

Sweat rolled off the young puppeteer's forehead in droves. He'd killed at least ten at his last count, but there hadn't been any time to calculate his accuracy and death ratios since about ten minutes prior. The new voice came over the radio again. so they were free! Moku was moving instantly, Kagemusha tackling an incoming attacker and driving two wrist blades between the ribs, shredding the lungs and possibly knicking the heart, judging from the amount of blood that shot out when the weapons were hastily removed from the soon to be carcass. Another was cooked clean by the flame thrower in the mouth, and a third took two senbon from Moku's weapons pouch. He was empty, aside from one kunai and whatever was left in Hitokage's mouth traps.

Even as he finished his quick inventory, Mokuteki spotted something that caused an even greater worry than the three guards who were currently hot on his trail. With one hand, Kagemusha turned and went to work. Razor wire flying out to entangle and draw in, wristblades coming out to cut and sever. Meanwhile, his free hand stretched down, grabbing the cook's throat. Pulse, good. Reaching down, Moku grabbed a fistful of shirt, deeming it a better handle than her jugular, and roughly shouldered her. Much heavier than she looked, this one. Kagemusha had finished up the three, and the two people and a puppet sped out of the gate. The first arrow bit sand six inches to his right and four inches behind. Had his attacker's angle of fire been only one degree dfferent, his leg would have been struck and Rei would be dead in minutes. But it hadn't. Coming over the dune, Moku thought his heart had nearly given out carrying the girl. He was no Taijutsu power house, preferring instead to play with dolls and puppets rather than train in the brutish physical arts, and his body revealed that fact. Sucking air down his throat in the deepest chugs and huffs he could muster, his eyes crested the top-!

Ko, the cook, and... ten others?? That was all? THe compound was that large, and only ten had made it out?! Shoving the dismay, as well as the desire to vomit, to the back of his mind, Moku withdrew Hitokage and returned Kagemusha in a pair of well practiced one-handed motions with the scroll. As that massive mouth yawned open, any number of compact spheres of explosives launched out, peppering the enemy compound in explosions. Activation seals released the explosions contained within the tags left on dead foes within the compound. All in all, hopefully enough mass destruction to cause these pigs to think twice about attacking Suna territory. Keeping his eyes peeled on the sprawling expanse below him, simultaneously scanning for survivors and looking for a vent for his anger, such as an enemy combatant, Moku heaved the words out of his mouth like spew, in a rushed, loud tone. Stealth was not an option now. "Get the injured and the kids on the puppet's back. Secure them as best you. THe rest of you, get up and run. RUN!!!" Finishing his not-so-motivational speech, Moku wheeled on his heel, flicking his wrist and sending one last volley out into the no man's land between the dune they'd used for cover and the gates of the compound. The few men who'd managed to muster a force to go seize their prisoners and attackers had been turned into chunky salsa.
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