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Glass Cannon [ |Katsumi Police Exam| ]

PostPosted by GARyu. » Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:58 pm

Chiyoko wrote:NAME - Katsumi Asura
RANK - Genin
POLICE RANK | R.O.A.R. - Sergeant
LINK - Katsumi Asura

    There have been reports from our intelligence group that there are some less than good intentioned strangers seeking out an artifact that was thought to be a well-kept secret of the Hidden Cloud Village. A fragile obsidian vase whose properties we are not able to disclose to you at this time is in need of your protective services. You've been selected for this mission as an exam due to your bloodline's beneficial properties and your abilities as a shinobi. The parameters of this mission are simple, protect the vase at all cost. Should anything happen to the vase you will automatically fail this mission. Though, as some extra incentive, if you were to apprehend these denizens of ill-will alive there could be something in it extra for you. Good luck.
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Re: Glass Cannon [ |Katsumi Police Exam| ]

PostPosted by Chiyoko » Mon Mar 07, 2011 9:30 am

"When you said 'check-up'.."


"I must admit.."


"This wasn't what I thought of."

Katsumi lowered Sting and grinned at the medic nin. The courtyard that usually held visitors or recuperating patients had been cleared and only the two of them had occupied it the last hour.

"Not that I'm complaining."

Grinning wider, she spun the spear between her hands. Duelling - even if only for practice - had always been the one thing she enjoyed most. Lately, she had been spending all her time regaining the muscle she'd lost during the long visit in the hospital. Slipping back into her usual pattern of training had been much easier than she'd expected, but she had stayed away from the arena.

The medic - a woman in her early fifties - held up a hand and leaned against the staff she had been using, gasping for air a few moments before replying with as much dignity as she could muster.

"Well, you weren't exactly easy to persuade to come back."

Katsumi wrinkled her nose slightly and settled the end of metal shaft against the tiles.

"No offense, but after two months lying around being bored out of my skull.."

"I know, I know."

Neither one of them mentioned that half of that time had been spent in a coma, struggling for her life as a neuro-toxin created by a mad scientist stripped her genetics of an imprint that had been forced on her years a go. The only visible result were the black stripes in her otherwise flaming orange hair. She'd looked them up. Ironic that her new colors matched a nonvenomous snake.

Lost my bite, hah?

She'd started from scratch. After she woke up, her body had felt like a foreign entity with her mind as a stranger. It had moved differently, had limits she had never noticed before, craved things she had never liked.

It was somewhat unnerving.

Slumping down on a nearby bench, the medic reached for a towel and started wiping the sweat from her face.

"So what changed your mind?"

Tilting her head back, Katsumi watched the radiant blue sky through the glass-roof. The sun was at its highest, bathing the small room in warmth. She had used to love days like this, when she could find a spot in the sun and soak the warm rays for hours. Now, the sun on her skin felt good, but nothing more. She didn't crave it like air to keep from being a sluggish-moving zombie.

"I'm afraid it's all a dream and I'm going to wake up soon."

The medic let the towel drop and watched her for a long moment.

"You mean the animal side of you is going to wake up."

Katsumi opened her mouth to answer, but couldn't quite find the words and simply nodded. The woman frowned at her.

"I'll say it one last time. There may be remnants of the genetic overlay, but if so, it will be minor things. You probably won't even notice them. Far from the animalistic urges you had before. You're completely healthy. Perhaps even a little too healthy for my tastes."

Katsumi's stomach chose that precise moment to make notice of itself with a resounding rumble. A disturbed look at the strange feeling took over her face and the medic laughed.

"And hungry. Now get out of here. Go feed yourself and stop torturing and old woman. I've got patients that are actually sick to deal with."

Joining the laugh, Katsumi pushed the small mechanism that retracted Sting into barely a third of its length. She'd found the woman who had taken over her recovery to be passionate and skilled, but insightful to the point of being somewhat scary. She was completely devoted to her patients, but of the more practical kind that didn't offer fake comfort or half truths and she understood better than any the phrase of giving a person what they needed, not what they wanted. It was one of the reasons Katsumi trusted. The blunt dismissal didn't take away the last bit of uncertainty, but it went a long way towards making her feel more at ease.

Hooking the spear to her side, she halted a moment before

"Have you.. have you had any luck with the bloodline?"

The medic had gotten to her feet and was on her way to place the staff she'd used in a rack against the wall. Hearing the question, she turned back towards Katsumi.

"No, not yet. All we can tell for sure right now is that it's gravity-based. But you knew that already. Don't worry, we'll figure it out eventually. Now shoo!"

The woman motioned towards Katsumi as if she was going to get up and throw the stubborn shinobi out of the hospital herself. Katsumi had the distinct mental picture of the woman chasing her through the halls with the staff used like a broomstick. Doubling over from supressed laughter, she waved and sped off, already wondering if her favorit restaurant would be open.


08/20 08:59:39 Sasuke: SHE'S A DOMINATRIX LARA CROFT

01/19 07:11:55 Tomoushii: *begins letter* dear malo, just a note to say...
01/19 07:12:35 Tomoushii: ... and at first there was a whip...
01/19 07:12:55 mouse: A damn good whip, might i add.
01/19 07:13:00 Tomoushii: ... someone blindfolded me and whispered something about lemons in my ear
01/19 07:13:10 Chiyoko: Leeeemoooooooons
01/19 07:13:47 Tomoushii: and for some reason when i came to there was a chocolate statue that looked just like robert downey junior
01/19 07:15:33 Tomoushii: ... after the third day of eating nothing but strawberries and what i hoped was milk I found myself suspended in air...
01/19 07:17:40 Tomoushii: ... hoping you are well and either cleaner or less cleaned than i, Tomoushii

01/19 07:18:45 Sasuke: P.S. You're out of rope

02/14 22:01:51 Takeshi: Yoko plunders your villages and rapes your women.
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