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From the eastern desert plains, to the infamous Westlands and the southern coast with its neighboring islands, the Wind Country covers an array of changing landscapes and other settlements. The people who live there are as diverse and powerful as the lands they live on.

Re: Moving On (open)

PostPosted by Fang » Wed May 11, 2011 1:42 pm

All Hell seemed to have broken loose down there. Atric couldn't tell who was fighting who, and why. The raiders were gone, the girl was now attacking the boy he could have sworn was helping her. the stranger seemed to be fighting him too, and the desert girl was now starting to go on a rampage. Not knowing which side to support, Atric decided to stand back and watch how the spectacle would unfold. He slung his bow across his shoulder so it would be diagonal across his body. All he could think was ".....What in the world?"
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