Examination: DECAY: Truth [Shinji]

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Examination: DECAY: Truth [Shinji]

PostPosted by Tsuneo » Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:27 am

DECAY: Truth

Mission: Re-establish Relations with the Sea Traders Unions (STU).

Background: The Sea Traders Union (STU) is comprised of four major traders and captains. These four run all imports by sea and are a valuable resource of everyday life in Suna. They are very rich and have immeasurable influence in the southern regions of Wind Country. Suna has categorized them as the de facto rulers of the area.

Situation: Suna's attempts to keep the land-based trading routes are failing rapidly amidst the conflicts. The sea trade routes are becoming more and more valuable, but the supplies have stopped arriving from the area. No explanation has been offered.

Mission Objective: Meet with the STU leaders and find out why the supplies have stopped coming in from the area. Supply lines must be re-established. Use of lethal force is authorized.


OOC Objective: We talked about this earlier, but as a reminder: it's up to you to build the STU leaders and create the rest of the plot (including the traitor). The story MUST result in good relations with whoever's left of the STU and Sunagakure.

Authorizations: You are authorized to utilize whatever NPCs you feel necessary.

Time: I don't care about number of posts or post length. Cover the story and you'll pass. It's a big enough job, it'll be more than long enough.

Good luck and have fun.
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Re: Examination: DECAY: Truth [Shinji]

PostPosted by Shinji » Sat Mar 12, 2011 11:50 pm


"This is it, Takeo. You're left all the scum that stuck with you outside this hall and the scum you piled up all these years. Nothing's gonna stay where you're going now."

"There is not a power on earth that's saving your wretched soul now, father!"

The sweating of the survivors had nothing against the building stench of those that didn't make it, it had been a long morning and like with all the ugly stuff in the world, things didn't come to an end in a haste. But they were right, this was it, and the bald knew it well. Even so, slidding his ring stuffed hand to the hilt of the Kikuichimonji wasn't a desperate act. It was undiluted rancor. Rancor that shattered walls and shook the very foundations of the alliance to a point it was never going to be the same again. The defeated yelled and his rancor made the other five shivver on their feet, for they all were deeply in touch with it.

"Shame on you! Shame on you all for this dishonor! Shame on you my enemies, but shame on you the most, my own blood! I won't let you lay a finger on me my precious heir, my dear, how could you sell me like this? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!"

The afflicted bent over by the weight of that final reproach, but before the tired knees could touch the cracked floor the culprit was already unsheathing his blade. Before any of the six people present there could take his life for their own purpose he mocked on them for a last time as he held his magnificent blade against his belly, and shoved it through.

It rained upon the coastline, putting finally an end to the sun's witnessing. No arc of colors dared to appear, and silence over the rain was all over the place the only sovereign remaining untainted for that day. Honor was lost. Lives were lost.

Truth was lost.

Yet there was no other word for it than, victory. The mark was made, and all they could do was to live with it. At last peace would last, for as long as the same shame tied these people together, taking what happened within that hall with them to the grave.
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