A Start To A Great Journey [Open]

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Re: A Start To A Great Journey [Open]

PostPosted by Knyves » Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:28 pm

"Find him, and kill him, he should be in the next room if he's still in the building. And move silently." She'd brought a companion?! Well that certainly wasn't a good sign. Deciding it was best to finish her suddenly, and then try and move on to save the other man, Souhei stepped forward, following the sound of her voice. Until that is, he noticed the change in traction at his feet. Stooping, the young man felt it, lifting the slimy concoction to his fingers. Blood. Her's. And a lot of it. Was she hurt? Then again, this entire infernal smog smellt of copper. Some sort of jutsu of hers than? Either way, the best option had suddenly changed.

He didn't stand a chance fighting in her playing ground. His ward was hiding in another room being hunted by... something. He couldn't well destroy the building, not unless he could then make a clean get away (he didn't have the funds to pay for that sort of thing!).

Think. Think!

Too much time thinking.

The distinct sound of a blade of some sort slipping into warm flesh greeted his ears as he turned to head toward the back room where he'd hidden his employer. So they'd found him then... Best to beat a hasty retreat then.

For the third time in the space of a minute or two, Souhei's tactics had changed. From direct confrontation, to saving his meal ticket, and finally, to save himself. In this insane blood-jutsu he was blind, and it seemed she had some way of compensating for that. So, moving to the wall, Souhei silently began to feel along, looking for either a window or a door to escape through...
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