Tsuki Katakoutai cursed seal

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Tsuki Katakoutai cursed seal

PostPosted by Sharinganlord1 » Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:16 am

Seal Name: Dark tiger seal
Seal Type: Transformation
Seal Placement: The back of Tsuki's neck, spirals down to the bottom of the left rib.
    Seal Placer: Tsuki's father
    Seal Effects

      1st [Genin] Stage Release
        Appearance: When the first stage is activated, all of Tsuki's summoning tattoos turn black and a black pattern resmebling waves sprouts from the original seal and covers the entire of his left rib and right side of his face. Also, his normally fair skin becomes more tanned and from the left side of his face to his right rib becomes covered in what appears to be an inky darkness. Also his left eye turns bright red and takes on a tiger like style and a tiger ear made of the inky darkness is also formed.
        Effects/Abilities: This stage causes the users physical abilities (stamina,strength and speed) to increase by 1 third and for the chakra of the seal itself to be what is used for jutsu, essentially meaning using this seal saves your
        chakra for later. It also grants the user the ability to spread the inky darkness across it's body and make a sort of armor. However this ability can only cover the torso in limited amounts. Also it can create small weapons out of the inky blackness which can be used as long as they are in connection with the original source. Finally, it lowers the users feeling of pain.
        Downsides: After using this seal the hosts body is physically exhausted and despite the users physical abilities increasing, the cursed seal prevents the user from knowing when they have torn a muscle. The reason they can be torn is because although the capabilities is improved the body itself isn't and it can potentially result in permanent injury. Finally, the seal can be exhausted rather quickly as it relies entirely on it's own chakra.

        Seal Backround: The seal was placed on Tsuki at birth by his father in his quest to make his son perfect. It was actually the seal that led to his eventual undoing. The usage of the seal on his son was counted as disgusting And thus he slowly went insane. Despite this, he still trained his son in the art if using it's deadly power.

        Misc. Information
          Chakra Element: None
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