LKT R4: Sōjōbō vs Rairyuu Kousen vs Kisuke Ukitake

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LKT R4: Sōjōbō vs Rairyuu Kousen vs Kisuke Ukitake

PostPosted by Hanya » Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:39 pm

Weather: It's about 80 Degrees Farenheit, sunny, minimal clouds, no wind. You may not change the weather in you're posts.

Time of Day: Noon. The fight will not last longer than an hour.

Ring: The Arena. Hard, dusty earth makes up the ground of this great circular building. Used for rituals and demonstrations, the outer ring is lined with lit fires, as well as a circle of eight, ten foot tall pillars on the inside of the ring with bowls of fire atop each of them. The pillars make a inner circle with a 35 ft radius. The outer ring has a 75ft radius. Between the viewers and the competitors, a 15 foot wide, seven foot deep moat separates the two sets of people.

Just get to fighting. 10 posts each unless a clear victory is made before that.
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Re: LKT R4: Sōjōbō vs Rairyuu Kousen vs Kisuke Ukitake

PostPosted by Mephilis » Sat Jul 02, 2011 2:07 pm

He'd won his first match and found himself, now, introduced to the next. The day was still quite young, and the arena chosen for the match was an immaculate one. The architecture made it look like this place was built specifically for a battle like this. Maybe there were others like this held here? Not that such a detail was important at all, the only thing that mattered at the moment was the coming clash before him.

Standing just eight feet from the wall barring him from reaching the spectators, Kisuke looked across the hard, dusty, arena ground. His eyes settled softly upon the two others who were his competition in this three-way battle. If he was going to win this battle, he'd have to focus his efforts and planning on not just one person, but two. It was bad enough he felt he'd only won his first match by luck. That guy he faced was tough; and he had to bring down the whole room to just to beat him. What would he do now?

Before growing too pessimistic, Kisuke grasped for his focus. If he intended on winning, he'd have to keep a cool head and watch his step. The fight wasn't going to be easy, so he'd need every bit of focus and strength he could muster up.

All he needed now...was some sign that his opponents were ready to get this show on the road.

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Re: LKT R4: Sōjōbō vs Rairyuu Kousen vs Kisuke Ukitake

PostPosted by Knyves » Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:29 pm

Holy crap! Big arena!! Good gravy, this was nothing like the last time. A twitch of the face was the first indication of Kousen's displeasure at this prospect. It was followed quite rapidly by a sigh, and then the combo was finished with a grunt of displeasure. None of these helped soothe his anger though. He'd spent all his time since the last fight repairing his weapon and contemplating battle strategy. Most of said strategies were to make use of the unique nature of the arena. This time, that was one hundred percent different.

Plus, he didn't just have one opponent. That made this almost insurmountable. As a puppeteer, normally it would be his specialty to defeat multiple people at once, using a set of puppets to attack all enemies simultaneously. But with just Nazo, it would require a bit more strategy. While using Nazo to attack one, he would always have to be wary of the other coming at the puppet master.

Eyeing the other two, displeasure still lingering on his features, both his hands moved slowly to his sides. The left drew a scroll, holding it until it would be needed. The right reached into his pocket, crumpling into a small ball the slip of paper that resided there. He could still win this. He just needed to be careful...

All hints of anger vanished in a single moment, and a wide grin split his face, as a boyish chuckle rang out across the dusty battlefield. "So, ya'll ready to party???"
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