Return for Salvation [Arzur]

The ruins of the once mighty village. Beware what lurks inside.

Return for Salvation [Arzur]

PostPosted by Ketsu » Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:56 am

He was alone.

The dark, gloomy sky canvassed the locale in a dreary shade of grey that, when combined with the ruins of the former Kirigakure no sato (or so he'd been told) made the area seem like it was much worse than it really was. He looked around, taking in everything that was around him, committing it to memory. He could... smell? someone else in the area. Something about it, about them. He wanted to make sure that, in the chance a battle DID in fact occur, that he would know the best strategies to attack with, the best defenses to hide behind and the best sneak attacks. Spinning his body as his right foot dragged along the ground, his body clothed in a jacket, pants and shoes, he stared intently at the sound of the noise.

He was as he was always: His primary swords on his back in an X fashion so each arm had its own, while the two katanas at his waist were angled just so that either hand could easily reach either katana if they needed to for whatever reason. The red-haired, blue-eyed boy in the white coat let out a light yawn as he slowly spun again, scanning everything surrounding him as he looked for something that he could use as a weapon if the need arose. There were only one, maybe two things... but from this far away (being three feet from one thing and seven feet from the other) he couldn't be one-hundred percent about their quality to know if any or either of them would be able to suffice as a weapon.

With a chuckle, he turned again, now facing the same direction he had started in, and walked forward, arriving at the shoreline within a minute or two. The smell of the salty water was preset and very strong, piercing through his nostrils and into his brain, attacking with no remorse the parts of his brain that identified smell. When combined with the sound of the waves crashing against the side of the cliff he was on, he was unable to hear or smell anyone else around and could relax; or so he thought. In fact, the exact opposite occurred, and he was only more paranoid that something or someone would come up and push him off to the point where he couldn't get back up which would naturally cause him to die. Or at least get seriously hurt. Sighing sharply and heavily, he stood back up and turned around again, walking away from the water. The sound of the waves crashing against the rock dimmed; the sharp smell of the salt in the air and water dulled. Eye peering through their sides, he monitored everything in his sight, careful to make sure that nothing could get a sneak attack on him.

Maybe he wasn't alone after all.
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