The Sands that Swallow.

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The Sands that Swallow.

PostPosted by Hanya » Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:38 pm

The sound of her own voice was the only thing that had broken the silence of travel since she had gotten split up from the caravan she was traveling with. They were traders coming from the salt mining settlement, and something had attacked them, killing a few people and scattering the rest. To the best of her knowledge anyone who survived would have headed towards Suna, especially if unlike her they could figure out the stars to get there. And hopefully, they would send someone to try and find her as well.
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Re: The Sands that Swallow.

PostPosted by Kindra » Sun Jul 03, 2011 4:01 pm

Finally Done

Junan had been on a boring mission for five days now, why the hell had he gotten a B rank mission anyway? he just had to escort some random so called "VIP" from the village to the end of there country, he had been boring talking about money and making roads.
why would anyone ever consider to make roads in the desert, and how? it was all sand.

As usual Junan was dressed in his deep blue robe there covered his bizarre body, the only thing showing from his back was his two katana like swords sitting and being on the ready if there should show an enemy up, he would not expect it, since he was in the middle of his own country and anyone traveling in this area was either well aware of that sunagakure was only a half a days travel away, or was lost and would die of thirst within the day, if they even survived that long.

Junan walked up to a hill made out of sand, he loved his country, many hated the sand but Junan really loved it, there was almost nothing about his country he did not like, only some minor rules about training students and how much you where allowed to do, but else.

as he reached the top of the "hill" he activated his eyes. his grey eyes turned bright blue and his vision increased to a clear vision to 2000 meters, like anything in that range was right next to him. as he scouted the desert he thought about the "curse" they where. the vision thing was really good, but like any other clan with a strong doujutsu he was hunted for it, it was the reason for he never used his right last name but called him self a member of "the Sinar clan" he had heard the name and was told it was a dead branch of some random clan from takigakure, with only one living member, named kindra or something.

As he scouted the desert he saw a girl walking in the desert, she did not carry the Suna forehead protector, and she was not a person he had seen before, maybe she was just a traveler but her chakra told she was able to do ninjutsu, she was a shinobi from another country, he doubted she was going to be a threat, but it was his duty to talk to her before she got to close to the village.

turning his doujutsu "off" he began to run towards the girl and prepared him self for battle if it was needed he graped out a scroll from his back with the the markings " 学生 " he smiled it was not the one he had hoped for but then again why not start with this, it was a good starter puppet and if battle was going to be needed he would be able to shift puppets fast. as he made sure it only had the "Scorpion poison" in it but it was good enough for a start.

Junan speeded up and made sure he would stand in front of the girl so she had a fair chance to react to his presence, 500meters in front of her he stopped and released the puppet from the scroll and applied the needed chakra strings and waited, making sure his suna forehead protector around his neck was visible.

It was time to figure out what this girl was doing here.

Name: Bouenkyou :: [Telescopic Sight]
Rank: [Genin]
Range: Supplementary
Jutsu Type: Doujutsu
Elemental Affinity: -
Clan: Wakusei

Description: It is not unknown to the citizens of the continent that the clan have had an exceptionally of for the cosmos they so desperately wished to reach. In doing so, the great Wakusei Hoshi devised a way for himself and his children to see into the starry skies without the use of tedious calculations and equipment. After many years of honing his Chakra Control and Manipulation, Hoshi finally managed to unlock the secret of a technique he labeled as Bouenkyou :: [Telescopic Sight]. Even with the clan's enhanced vision, it still did not allow for the vision of the stars above. Even so, the human eye-ball can only handle so much strain; despite his greatest endeavors, he came no where near the lengths he so hoped for, but the distances he attained were simply astounding. Through channeling a mass of chakra towards the eyeball, the optical properties of it are enhanced. And even at that, there are a multitude of levels of enhancement; each dependent on the user's level of skill. Each member of the Wakusei Clan's base length of sight is fifty meters. Through the activation of the Kuuhakugan and the implementation of Bouenkyou, a shinobi at the C-Rank's [Genin] length of vision will increase to a distance of one hundred-twenty five meters. At B-Rank [Chuunin] the length is increased to five hundred meters. At A-Rank [Jounin] the length is increased to two thousand meters. At S-Rank [Kage+] the length is increased to eight thousand meters. The lengths seem almost inhumanly possible, but through the unyielding perseverance of the Wakusei, they were achieved. Over the years, excessive training with Bouenkyou has unlocked another useful skill. One entering the telescopic sight, the Wakusei clan member is able to hone in on one specific target, their line of sight staying true to that one designated area no matter where they moved. It is more of a static movement once entered into Bouenkyou; the area viewed jumping rapidly from image to image until what they are looking for is found. Even so, the ability is limited. Telescopic sight does not allow for x-ray vision. Though the intense optical enhancements allow for inhuman control of sight, there must be a clear line of view for the sight to continue. The Bouenkyou is rendered nearly useless in enclosed spaces and forested areas. There is also one more small defect to this technique. After prolonged use of Bouenkyou, the user attains a splitting headache that intensifies over time. This is primarily in regards to the truly stellar distances achieved at higher ranks, but even so, the Wakusei must be careful that they do not put too much straing upon not only their eyes, but their brain as well. Extreme damage can be dealt to these two areas of the human body; the Wakusei must take extreme caution when utilizing this technique.

Poison Name: Scorpion Poison
Poison Rank: C
Poison Effect(s):
[ Turn 0 / injected into blood ]
[ Turn 1 / Spreads though the blood ]
[ Turn 2 / Gets to the Eyes ]
[ Turn 3 / Eyes begin to run in water ]
[ Turn 4 / Eye irritated begins to itch ]
[ Turn 5 / Eyes Hurting and the vision gets worse ]
[ Turn 6 / Blinded for 5 more rounds ]

this poison was developed by Junan a long time ago, it was made in his genin years as a try to make a poison there made people see things there was not there, but after a few tries he realized he did not have the ability to do so, but he came up with a poison there blinded people, which he realized he could use quite well, he decided to place this poison inside his first puppet ever made, and there for it is called the Scorpion poison, this poison is primarily used for nostalgic moments, or if he is training students.

Puppet Name: The Student
Rank: D
Range: 45 meters
Type: Offensive
This puppet is made after Junan got his first student, he made three of them so they match the look of his student as much as possible, they are like the student 4" 10 high, skinny with red hair and brown "eyes" they are dressed in the standard Suna Battle cloth, they are primarily used as a helper to a genjutsu the Student do there makes the opponents vision a blur instead of using bunshi no jutsu, they use puppets so the "clones" can fight back, if a target is not affected by the genjutsu it is easy to see they are made out of wood but if your vision is a blur this jutsu should work quite well, Junan used some time to capture the looks and the bone structure of his new student.

This puppets are not armed with that many weapons, mostly just a standard what you could expect, 3 inches claw like nails, a kunai luncher in the mouth and the ability to open op the palm of the hand where there are a multi senbon luncher in each of them there are able to fire 3 senbon at the time, with over one hundred loaded and ready.

[Weapon / Weapon Location]
[compressed wood / entire puppet]
[3 inches claw like nails / fingers]
[kunai luncher / mouth]
[multi senbon luncher / hand]
[multi senbon luncher / hand]


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