Training... The Lin Kuei Way.

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Training... The Lin Kuei Way.

PostPosted by Hanya » Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:16 am

"Water Style: Wetland suprise", yelled Amara Cozu as a she thrusted her hands onto the ground palms first, releasing chakra into the ground. Not a second later a large portion of the training ground began to tremble as water seemingly sprouted from the ground, actually being drawn up by one of her jutsus. She could see her little sister jumping rock to rock trying not to land in the water, however the water was advancing far too fast for her to avoid it forever. As the water came up under Amara she floated on top of it, using her chakra to stand on the water.

Saia jumped up as the water sprouted from the ground, not knowing what trickes her sister had up her sleeve. Since her sister was at chuunin level she had a mastery of water jutsu far beyond Saia's skill, but that did not mean that they couldnt still train together. As Saia jumed she realized she was on the last peice of land and would eventually have to fight on the water, but she would do it on her terms, and not Amara's.

"water style: water shuriken jutsu" she said as she performed her handseals and kicked up some of Amara's water. From the water five shuriken were formed which hovered briefly in the air before speeding off towards Amara.

"You'll have to do better than that little sister" Amara said as she held her hand out. three of the five shuriken suddenly stopped in midair, but one got through, speeding past Amaras face, and the other was heading straight for her. With a spin of her arm the three shuriken she held in her power merged together forming a small shield which took the hit for her then fell back into the mass of water at her feet.

" I hope you didnt plan to use my own water against me........" Amara stopped as her little sister was nowhere to be found.

Now where did she go? Amara quickly checked back then left and right and did not find her there. She looked confused then remembered finally.


she quickly jumped up as a large splash of water erupted from beneath her.

"Water style: water clone uppercut" yelled Saia as a messily made clone jumped from the water, slightly resmebling her, off a little off due to a mistake in one of the hand signs , shot up towards her sister. While her sister was blocking the shuriken, Saia had sent the clone under the water which swam up to her sister.

As the uppercut hit Amara she looked in shock as it connected with her chin. She looked in amazement and was for a moment shocked at her sisters tenacity, or so it looked. Not a moment later Amara dispersed into a splash of water. It was just a clone and the real Amara had been watching from her vantage point on one of the seats surrounding the training ground.

"good job with the clone, I'm proud of you little sister. Even though it was only a 1/10th clone it still has more chakra and skills than most of the other genin you will face. you did well"

Her sister told her how proud she was, and how confident she was of her sisters skills. as she got up and walked towards her, she released the jutsu that had submerged the training grounds
allowing the water on the ground to soak back in.

"Your getting much better with your fighting but you still need to work on your hand signs. Your clone was a little off, and if it wasn't for the proximity of your attack you would probably not have succeeded if the opponent would have countered." she looked back at the clone standing there aimlessly, and with a flick of her wrist she dispersed it, by way of a water shuriken to its back.

" your next task is target practice, since i noticed you tend to use your water shuriken a lot. ill be back in a minute or two with a few target boards and other things. you rest up a little while i go get them". she said as she walked over to one of the doors and unlocked it and walked inside.

Exhausted, Saia walked over to a bench and sat down, reclining. Her muscles were sore and she was tired, but she loved to train with her sister, and cherished the time they spent together. As she laid back she looked up at the dome that encased the training complex. Outside of it she saw the fish swimming around in schools, and she saw the sunlight radiating which shone an odd gold-blue color. She breathed deeply and closed her eyes.
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Re: Training... The Lin Kuei Way.

PostPosted by Hanya » Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:31 am

Hozukimaru walked through the door of the training facility, passing a female ninja, who was quite attractive but also looked out of his age range. He had wanted to take a little while to train so had decided to come to the training grounds to practice. He knew that here he couldn't destroy anything too much, and wouldn't get in trouble.

Putting on a pair of leather gloves he walked to the middle of the training field where there was a podium of sorts with a few buttons on it. He pressed a green button and then a red button and looked up, as two pillars on opposite sides of the field began spilling water out from their bases. They were directly connected to the outside water and were used to fill the training grounds with water for traning. After a minute or so he turned the sprinklers off, not needing the whole thing filled but only a layer of water to practice his ice techniques. He didnt notice the girl sitting on the bench at the back of the field behind him and began to practice.

"ice style... ice wall!" he said as he placed his hands on the water, allowing a wall of ice to erupt from the ground. It was about the size of him and about a foot and a half thick. He stepped back and punched at it, leaving a large crack in it. Another punch, and the crack expanded. With a third punch his wall collapsed, the top half breaking off and falling to the water with a splash. His ice was hard, but it wasn't as strong as he wanted it to be.

He repeated the same hand signs he had made earlier, but this time tried to put more chakra into it. What he got this time was a larger wall, but with a punch he realized that it was also still the same strength. He tried a third and fourth time creating consecutively larger walls, but they were all the same thickness. Having failed at that task he decided to try something different with the jutsu.

He yet again focused his chakra and did the hand seals for the jutsu, but changed the last sign from the boar sign to the horse sign. what came from the ground this time was an ice wall that was thesame thickness however instead of it expanding outwards it went forwards however rapidly melted. It was weird and it made is body feel odd, as if he had used a lot of chakra, however he began to wonder what would happen if he tried different jutsu and hand signs. He tried his shuriken jutsu, changing the second sign of the procedure, and what appeared were strange ball like shuriken, as if they had been improperly formed.

He finnally tried his ice clone jutsu, and substituted two of his hand signs for two others. When he created it the clone came out in the shape of him, although it had two too many arms, and no color. It was a moving ice sculture. As it looked at him it let out a cry and exploded, sending shards of ice everywhere, one hitting Hozukimaru square in the face. He stumbled backwards not only from the blow but also from the sudden loss of chakra. As he fell, he landed in the water, covering his face with his hands as it began to bleed profusely.

The girl Saia had heard the explosion and quickly jumped up, although not in time, and saw the older male ninja get hit in the face by what looked like an exploding clone. As the shard of ice hit him he fell backwards, his face bleeding in the water. She quickly moved towards him pulling him from the water to a nearby patch of land. From her pouch she pulled a rag and a bottle out and put some of the liquid on it. The boy was unconcious but when the rag contacted his face he suddenly was startled awake, probably from the intense pain of the liquid that she had used. She quickly removed it and began to examine his face for any major injuries. Luckily there were none and he had only been hit in the lip extremely hard, and his nose was bleeding as well.

"Are you ok????", she asked looking into his light blue eyes which looked a little odd, but she couldnt focus on that right now.

"Aaaahhhhh! What is that?"

The liquid that the girl had poured on him burned badly, but he also noticed that he had stopped bleeding, and other than the pain from the liquid he felt no other pain. He slowly sat up and looked at her. She was young but had a sort of emotionless eye. He was intrigued by her and after regaining his senses began to converse with her.

"I'm sorry for causing you trouble...what is your name?"

Befor Saia could answer her older sister Amara came back in, bearing a large scroll with a label on the side that read...targets. As soon as she saw Hozulaying on the ground she rushed over to him.

"Are You alright??!?!"

She examined the situation quickly and noticed Saia with a bottle of the liquid they had to stop bleeding.

"I see, Saia helped you already."

She looked at him again then helped him to stand up, carrying him to a nearby bench, where they all sat down. Amara being the better at healling went to work on Hozukimaru, dressing his wounds, and healing his minor injuries. When he was all better she asked him a favor for healing his wounds.

"Would you like to help my sister with her target practice. You look like you know how to throw a shuriken"

Saia looked at her sister as she healed the boy. He was cute, but much older than herself. He actually looked around her sisers age. When Amara asked him if he wanted to help her wih her target practice she let off a slight blush which she hoped no one noticed

Hozukimaru agreed to help her wit her target practice and grabbed a few of the items from Amara. He ran out into the field and placed a few straw dummies strategicly in the ground, and then came back to watch as she began her practice. Picking his position carefully he stood next to Amara and began to talk to her as he waited for Saia to begin.

"So, I have never seen you before."

"Hyahhhh" Saia yelled as she released seven shuriken from her fingertips, each speeding towards a different target. She was standing about 100 ft from the 1st one and 150 ft from the last, and she had her eyes focused on all of them at once, but her mind was focused elsewhere. All she could think about was the boy who was behind her, talking to her sister. The first three shuriken nicked there target, and the last four were nowhere close. Her focus was not even close to right right now. She normally hit atleast five of the seven, but this time... none. Where was her mind?

"Oh? You know, I get that alot. Well, my name is Amara Cozu, that over there is my little sister Saia. I, more than likely, like you am from Kirigakure. I used to be ANBU, so no one ever saw me. Now im just here, doing the same thing as everyone else, though I often get assigned long missions away from home."

Amara looked at Hozukimaru, who actually wasnt that bad looking, and he didnt look too young either.

"Umm...I know this might sound funny, but how old are you??"
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