Death | Horseman of Apocalypse

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Death | Horseman of Apocalypse

PostPosted by Isuzu » Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:24 pm



Demon/Spirit's Name: Death
Sealing Container/Location: Currently - Isuzu Hinoshi
Sealing Method: N/A

Demon/Spirit's Appearance
    Inner: When taken over by the evil spirit, one will see him with-in their own mind as a humanoid form in a black cloak with a skull for a face. In the creatures hand will be a large, intimidating scythe.
    Outer: Death causes the user to begin to look...well, dead. Their skin will become gray and be ice cold to the touch. Their eyes will yellow and become extremely blood shot. However, they will retain all of their muscles and organs.

Personality Effects
    Demon/Spirit's Personality: Death is quite frankly the embodiment of his name. He's the bringer of chaos and destruction. He is cold and deceitful, doing anything to reach his goal. With his evil intentions comes the extreme cunning and smarts, having the mental capacity fit from an immortal demon that operates as a commander of hell.
    Effects on Host: Death is capable of taking complete control of the host. He amplifies the users evil aspects and feelings and reduces his righteous aspects to nearly nothing. They become a purely evil being bent on whatever goal it is Death has them on. However, despite being pure evil, they will only kill if it suites Death's goal. The user sha'll also still retain all of their knowledge and mental capacity. With the right host, this could be the most powerful weapon of all.

Demon/ Spirit Effect
    1st Stage Release
      Appearance: There is no physical change to the user.
      Effects/Abilities: The only ability granted by this stage of release is that the host is bestowed with all the knowledge of the demon. They know everything about the rings of hell and the demon underworld.
      Downsides: They have no control over anything they do. Everything is completely controlled by the demon. This stage is always active, as well.

      Demon/Spirit's Background/ It is unknown exactly where the 4 Horseman first originated. Many believe they were the first demons that decided to follow the Lord of the Underworld. The 4 are all brothers and sisters, each having different abilites and powers. The others are Famine, War, and Pestilence. They together are the 4 most powerful demons in the underworld and, with combined forces, are able to rival the powers of even the strongest Bijuu. It is said that, if the 4 are ever unleashed upon the earth at the same time, there will be nothing to stop them. They command the armies in the underworld and answer to only the lord of the underworld.

      Until recently, that is. The 4 grew anxious to be unleashed upon the earth, However, the Lord of the Underworld deemed it was not yet time for this to happen. In a fit of anger, Death engaged the Lord in one on one combat, as he was the strongest in terms of brute strength. After hours of battling, Death finally bested the Lord and struck him down, becoming the new Lord of the Underworld. However, forseeing this, the now ex-lord installed a fail safe that would cause the portals for the 4 horseman to go to the realm of the living to become locked down. The only way for them to be unlocked was by the 4th Horseman, Death, to travel to the human world and find the 4 Relics of the Ancients, one for each of the Horseman. Death already had his, he simply needed to travel to the Human realm and locate the other 3 relics to free his brothers and sister.

      He simply needed to find a human vessel with knowledge of such supernatural things to do so. He found his pray in Isuzu Hinoshi. Being alone, Isuzu was no match for Death, and quickly fell to him despite his specialty in demon hunting. Now possessing Isuzu, Death plans to locate the other portal keys and unleash his siblings. However, there is one source of oppostion in this path. He also needs to find the Bijuu and attempt to eliminate them. Atleast detain them long enough to release the others.

      Seal Placing: There is no physical seal. It's simply a possession. Death chose Isuzu because of his vast knowledge of demon sealing and unsealing rituals and techniques. He would be the perfect host for illiminating the Bijuu.

    Misc. Information
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