Merge. [Solo]

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Merge. [Solo]

PostPosted by Isuzu » Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:01 pm

It couldn't be happening. Not now. It was too early. According to Isuzu's calculations, it wasn't going to be until long after his children's grand children were long dead. There were subtle hints everywhere. Isuzu had obsessed over figuring out this riddle ever since he'd first learned of it from his readings. Since his dispute with his cousin, Ibaku, had ended, Zu had to find something else to pass his time. He'd learned of a prophecy that threatened to destroy everything he knew and loved, and there was nothing even he could do about it.


It was the end of life. Of everything. It would be brought about by the 4 Horseman who each controlled a certain aspect of destruction. Despite all of his readings and studies, Isuzu still hadn't discovered the names or what aspects these demons had. But that was all about to change. He'd stumbled upon something that not even Kurado knew about. Well, not yet anyway. Isuzu wanted to confirm it's authenticity before he brought his friend in on this as well.

There were rumors that four Relics were located around the world that, once located and a certain ritual was performed on them, would unlock the portals to the underworld for the 4 demons to break through and destroy the earth. Isuzu wished to track them down and keep them in his possession, hoping that by doing so, he would be able to keep the earth intact and stop Armageddon from happening. He would be the unsung savior of mankind. No one would ever know of his heroism, but he didn't care. He simply couldn't allow the world to come to an end. Not only for himself. For Kaijin. For Tozen. For Wezurii. For Kurado.

No. It was his duty to man kind to pay them back for all the wrong doings his cousin had caused. Perhaps by Isuzu diverting Apocalypse, the Hinoshi would fall into God's favor once again.
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