I think, therefore I am

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I think, therefore I am

PostPosted by Ero-Kami » Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:15 am

Because reading while listening to Sephiroth's theme increases chances of liking the idea. Because Sephiroth's theme has that effect on people.

Alright, now that I have your attention.
I have a plot I've been meaning to do for a while.

What's that? Why should we consider it since your last idea wasn't even used?
Because you are most likely listening to Sephiroth's theme.

The plot has a bit of everything, from straightforward fighting to spine chilling suspense and even light comedy. But for this to make sense atleast a chuunin (preferably two or a jounin) since I only have a genin and something of this scale requires a bit more muscle and wit than what she can handle.
Here is a little bit of dialog from what would be the prologue.

"Ah Yumi-senpai, you're here."
"Make it quick Kenta, I have things to do."
"Very well. The victim's body was found approximately two hours ago by his neighbor. Apparently he was taking his dog out for a walk and-"
"And he was attacked by wild dogs."
"Well, yes."
"Let's have a look then."
"How far back are you going to go?"
"5 hours to be on the safe side."


"So what did you see? You look-"
"I don't know, I usually see them clearly but this time-"
"It was like something was blurring out the image. All I could make out was an older man, a pair of dice and-"
"Your eyes! Your no ears! They're bleeding!"
"You have that effect on people."
"Just get me to a hospital idiot. I don't feel so g-"

If you are interested PM me or post here and I will tell you a bit more about the details.
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