Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

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Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

PostPosted by Uchiha Sasuke » Tue Sep 06, 2011 2:07 am

I’m sorry…I must have misheard you.

The scrawny man slammed into the stone wall with a sickening thud and slid down until his body rested on the snowy street below. His companion shook violently, muttering fearful curses or perhaps desperate prayers.

I brandished my knife menacingly, slashing at the air in front of me and staring darkly at the thug who remained standing. Many allies and enemies alike had observed the terrifying chill in my icy blue eyes, but I liked to think that my effort to master the art of glaring played a bigger role than simple genetic predisposition.

I ask you fools to follow a single target and report any information on his schedule, behaviors, and any important details…and you can’t even tell me where his damn house is?! Afraid of standing out if you followed a man into the richer districts? I must have found the two most incompetent criminals in the country.

The victim of my physical outburst finally found the strength to stand again.

“But Nanaya-san, this kind of thing isn’t our specialty. There are others who could-“

Shut the hell up! If you guys aren’t in this spot this time tomorrow with the information I requested, then you’ll have a lot more to worry about than not receiving our previously arranged payment. Now get out of my sight before you lose this second chance.

The pair of thieves scurried off like frightened rodents. Incompetent morons. The clan should have sent me with another hunter or two if they expected me to complete my main assignment and simultaneously keep up with my regular contracts. Ridiculous.

The position of the sun suddenly caught my eye, reminding me of the hour. Time to get going to work. Targets didn’t hunt themselves after all.


Yet another yawn escaped my lips, and I took the moment to push my glasses to the top of my head and rub my blurring eyes. A stack of books and papers lay scattered haphazardly on the desk in front of me, but I could hardly muster the motivation to think for another moment.

After spending years studying medicine and partaking in the darker, cutting edge type of experiments that the clan was involved in, I simply could not hold any interest in such mundane research.

New vaccines, new methods to treat previous incurable conditions, and other assorted findings were all well and good, but I was only even here for the paycheck. And because it was the perfect way to get close to my target.

Damn, if I could just get this over with…

Get what over with, Tohru-san?

Holy shit! Himura, you scared the hell out of me. I thought I was the only one still here. Err, I was just complaining about finishing up this last report, but it’s all ready to go now.

The young woman’s face lit up with a bright smile as she brushed away stray hands of golden brown hair from the crimson strip of cloth concealing her eyes.

That’s good to hear. I finished checking on my final round of patients later than usual, and I happened to hear you moving around in here when I passed by. Would you care to accompany me down to the lobby, or are you still working on something…?

I couldn’t manage to suppress a small grin of my own, partly because of how contagious her beaming expression was, but also due to how perfectly my plan was unfolding.

Nothing was coincidental in the world of a Nanaya. Every action was calculated to perfection. I knew exactly what times her shifts were and which days she was most likely to run late based on the number and condition of her patients. I made sure to put off enough of my own work to always reserve plenty of excuses to be hanging around the hospital at any hour of the day. Why was I paying so much attention to this particular nurse?

Because beneath that friendly exterior of a blind young woman helping the village’s ill was a deadly mistake of humankind. An uncontrollable Shiki abomination that needed to be observed, experimented on, and eventually captured or killed in the long term.

Himura Midori was my priority target here in Yukigakure, the one and only reason for my extended presence in this frozen hell of a village.

Not at all, I’d love to join you. I’ll even walk you home if you don’t mind the company.


We had hardly walked a block from the front of the hospital before a familiarly repulsive figure blocked our path.

“Oi, Nanaya. We got some of that info you wanted a bit early. How about we head to one of the usual spots to discuss it?”

What the hell? As completely useless as my contacts were, even they knew not to speak of their business right in front of a normal civilian. It was bad business for everyone involved, not just me. I remained silent for a moment too long.


O-Oh, right. I’m really sorry about this, but would you mind continuing the rest of the way yourself? I might need quite a bit of time to talk over these findings with my…former colleagues. I promise I’ll make it up to you later, Himura.

Of course…see you tomorrow.

Midori scampered off down the snowy, dimly-lit path. Darkness had just fallen across the village streets, though it would make no difference to the blindfolded female. I watched her retreating figure until I was sure she had no intention of turning back.

I turned to shoot my icy glare toward the one who had just ruined my perfectly laid-out script.

This better be damn good. Taking care of this small fry will mean nothing if my real catch escapes in the process.

The grimy thug grinned smugly, the fear and intimidation from that morning’s earlier encounter erased completely. It made me very uncomfortable very quickly. Something odd was taking place, but my hunter’s instincts couldn’t quite sniff it out.

“Oh I think it will go beyond your expectations. Follow me.”


The scene that awaited us did not surprise me in the least.

Immediately upon stepping into the blackness of the alley, I was surrounded by the horde of thieves. What surprised me was the sheer number of them they had managed to muster. They completely lined the nearby rooftops and walls, as well as the ground on either side of me.

This had quickly progressed into a scenario that even a top-tier Nanaya hunter could not fight out of alone.

“This is the end of your little game, Nanaya. We don’t take kindly to foreigners invading our turf and acting as if they can use us as their pawns as they please. Maybe we’ll spare your life if you bow down and beg for forgiveness.”

I smirked and drew the silver-hilted knife from my belt, the signature wolf head of the Nanaya crest baring its fangs. Not a hint of the growing fear in my heart was visible in my stoic expression.

One of the first rules of hunting: know every aspect of your prey’s combat capabilities before engaging. If you fools knew half of my ability, you’d think twice about throwing your lives away like this.

My left hand exploded forward, sending a barrage of previously hidden throwing knives dancing through the air and piercing a pair of thugs. I then quickly tossed my blade into the air and caught it in a reverse grip, staring hungrily at the rest of my assailants.

The only true predator here is me!


The numbing bite of the falling snowflakes and the piles of the frozen substance encasing my lying figure did little to ease the searing pain. Every inch of my body felt like it was on fire, warm blood seeping out of a dozen separate wounds, inflicted by both blade and direct blows.

My fading vision was little use in the darkness of night and the blizzard, but I could faintly see the bodies of my victims slumped in a rough circle around me. The rest had fled after watching my vicious assault put a large dent in their numbers, but the damage had been done.

This was the end of my story. It would only go down as a complete failure in the records of the Nanaya, and I could only imagine the problems it might cause my poor little brother back home. Even the kin of failures still received their share of the disgrace.

It was so cold. No, warm. Goddamn, it hurt whatever the temperature was. So cold. My vision diminished to nothingness, and the rest of my senses seemed to be headed down the same path. I could still hear perfectly, and in that moment rang a voice I will remember until the day I die.

Tohru-san! Stay with me, there’s a medic on the way! Please, open your eyes!

Gentle hands gripped my body and quickly proceeded to stop as much of the bleeding as possible. There were just so many places it was escaping, but the hands were quick and precise, trained to preserve life.

Ugh, that meddling Shiki bitch really had returned to check on me. How long had she been watching and what had she heard? No, I would have to worry about that later. Right now I needed to make sure I didn’t pass out and never wake up.

Damnit, where was my knife? What the hell was everyone going to think happened here? Too much could be revealed about my identity and my mission, and it would be even worse if my target herself learned too much.

No, it had to wait. There was plenty of time to think about damage mitigation later. Just focus on the present and don’t think too many steps ahead.

The medic had arrived, but my consciousness was fading as quickly as ever. I managed to find strength remaining to matter one final statement before going under.

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Re: Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

PostPosted by Uchiha Sasuke » Tue Sep 06, 2011 2:07 am


Woah, what?!

Did you just doze off while I was talking? Hmph, we don’t have to keep meeting up like this if it’s just going to bore you…

Midori’s lips twisted into her best pouting expression as she folded her arms over her stomach and turned slightly away on the park bench we shared. I waved my hands in furious denial.

No no, I’m sorry! I’ve just been working overtime all week and losing sleep hours. You’re not boring at all, Himura!

Her face displayed a growing look of disbelief before she finally cracked and released a melodic string of giggles. I couldn’t help but smile when she scooted closer to me and gripped my left hand.

I’m sorry, I know how busy you’ve been with your big new job at that trading company. I’m really happy you received such a great opportunity. Though I do miss being able to visit your office in the hospital after my shifts…

I gently squeezed her fingers, conveying through the tone of my voice what I couldn’t with my facial expression.

Hey now, we still manage to find times like these to see each other, don’t we? It will only get better when I can settle in and work my way up the ladder. The medical research stuff just wasn’t working out for me. You’re the one with those amazing healing hands, not me.

She managed to wipe away her frown, though a hint of regret lingered in her soft smile.

I understand. You don’t do anything without a reason, do you, Tohru-san?

If she only knew how right she was…

You know me far too well. Now how about we take a little stroll through town before I take you home?

Midori nodded and eagerly looped her arm through mine. I pulled us to our feet and began to carefully lead her along the grassy path leading from the empty park back to the road into the heart of the village. A sudden rustling from the neat row of trees nearby immediately froze my steps, my hand racing to the knife holstered at my right thigh.

My blade was drawn in a split second, and I cut down a pair of throwing knives sailing towards my head. I wrapped my arm around Midori and flattened us both behind a row of untamed hedges, breaking line of sight with our assailants for the moment.

Himura, stay down! I’ll take care of this, so don’t-

Her hand snapped onto my wrist before I could move to stand, holding me in place. Rather than confusion or terror, a look of admonishment marked her features.

I thought you took care of all the unfinished business with those old gang buddies! Are you still getting into trouble after you promised me to leave that past life behind?

Shit, there wasn’t time for this now. I should have known my web of lies to justify my run-in with those traitorous contacts a month back would come back to haunt me eventually. After managing to cover the truth and still form a relationship with my primary target, I couldn’t let all the work fall apart now…

Listen, we’ll talk when you’re safe. Just trust me for now, okay? These guys could be common thieves getting in over their head for all we know. I left my old self behind for you, Himura, I swear it.

She slowly released her iron grip, and I quickly pulled away, shooting to my feet and dashing over the hedge line. Another flurry of soaring projectiles greeted my appearance, but each one suffered the fate of being dodged or deflected by my dancing weapon. Where the hell were they coming from?

A dark-clad figure emerged, charging straight at me with unusual aggression. I ignored it completely, evading the vicious dagger strike and sprinting past, leaping up to a low-lying tree branch and burying my blade into another man’s chest.

A basic hunting tactic, baiting the target with overly offensive behavior and letting your partner cut them down with a ranged assault from their blind side. Hunting tactic…no, that didn’t make sense…

I jumped down and charged the first attacker. Metal squealed in protests as our identical blades locked and grinded against each other. I stared into the other male’s dark eyes, my icy stare searching for an answer I wasn’t sure I really wanted.

Oi, Nanaya…what the hell do you think you’re doing? Do you know who I am?

“Stand down, Tohru-sama. Even your father and brother won’t blame me for anything that may happen to you as long as I bring back that Shiki bitch in one piece. A common hunter doing what the honorable clan leader’s son could not.”

Touch one hair on her head and you’re [badword] dead, do you understand me?! This is my mission, and she’s mine!

I pulled my weapon back and immediately unleashed a vicious onslaught of quick and precise strikes, each filled with a brutal force fueled by a growing rage in my chest. It burned and spread, a powerful emotion I had learned to control and suppress from birth, but one that I could no longer fully ignore.

My next strike knocked the blade from my opponent’s hand, followed up by a final piercing stab through his heart. I kicked his motionless body off of my weapon and wiped the blood on the grass before sheathing it at my side.

I inhaled deeply and let out the breath slowly. It would be easy enough to prove their foreign identity to the village and claim self-defense, but explaining myself to Midori might be another matter.

Quickly jogging across the otherwise pleasant field, I vaulted over the bushes again and helped the girl back to her feet. Her arms snaked around me, and she immediately buried her face into my chest, soaking my shirt with tears.

Please don’t scare me like this anymore. I do trust you, but I can’t live with you constantly in risk like this. Take care of it, alright?

My arms tightened around her slender, quivering figure. The darkness clouding my eyes would have probably frightened her worse if she could see it.

The Nanaya were already growing impatient, and yet I felt no further motivation to quicken my plan’s pace. Was I really thinking of my objective first…or was there a more dangerous reason for my new hesitance? No, I had to think of the clan first. All dangerous abominations needed to be purged for the sake of everyone else…all of them.

I will, Midori, I will. I promise I’ll take care of everything…
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Re: Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

PostPosted by Uchiha Sasuke » Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:07 am

The station was eerily quiet during the late hours in all but one secluded section. The tavern. Members of a dozen different races lounged about in the many seating arrangements dotting the spacious area, sipping at colorful drinks and chatting away without a care in the world.

A pair of humans sat opposite ends up a circular table, the male staring out at the starry depths of outer space and taking a drink of the vibrant red liquid filling his glass. His outfit was dark grey with trimmings that matched the bright color of his beverage.

The taller, slightly older female across from him wore gray and gold and nursed a pale blue cocktail of her own. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a neat ponytail. Neither spoke a single word for several minutes, a stifling formal atmosphere weighing over them.

That abruptly changed when a third figure, a dark-haired and comparatively short female approached the table and plopped down in an open chair without invitation.

Good to see you’re still just as lazy and worthless as the last time I saw you, Li!

Li turned his head, his deep brown gaze lighting up with recognition and slight irritation.

That’s Captain Li to you. I heard you’ve earned the title as well, Captain Mei, head of your esteemed cargo vessel.

He smirked with satisfaction as Mei fumed, unwilling to completely lose her cool in front of him. Her head swiveled as the blonde stifled laughter into her palm.

Shutup, Sen! I’m not military anymore, but I still technically outrank a lieutenant!

Li casually pushed the remainder of his drink to Mei as a small gesture of conciliation, silencing Sen with nothing more than a slight motion of his other hand.

Come on, no need to start a shouting match with your longtime friends. It’s been years since you dropped out and ran off on your own, so how about we have a nice chat about old times? Here, I know you always liked strawberries.

The girl crossed her arms and huffed.

Fine, but keep that little lackey of yours under control.

Watch your own mouth before you start pointing fingers.

The females glared daggers at each other, both seemingly ready to tackle the other to the ground.

Hey, Mei…did that last trip to earth really have anything to do with you leaving us?

The angry energy immediately drained from the other two, the mood suddenly turning unnervingly somber.

No, I have my own reasons. As crazy as things got, I only have fond memories of those days. You guys too right? Funny how you have been both no good pirates and a galactic protectors in the same lifetime.

Sen scoffed.

Fond memories of that Ryou kid, right? The first love you’re destined to never meet again, such a tragic tale.

Shutup, you blonde bimbo!

Li broke into laughter before they could verbally claw at each other any further.

You know, those guys were one of my big motivations to work hard and climb the ladder. To become an important hero and protect millions of people. Especially that Toya guy, he was a true man! You thought he was cool too, right Sen?

The young woman’s cheeks flushed with faint color.

Err, y-yeah, I guess. In the end, we would have been dead without all their help. But we’re not stupid kids anymore. Li and I fight for the universe, and you…make sure people get their produce on time.

Hey, my ship mostly carries ammunition and weapons and cool stuff, alright?!

Li laughed again and reached his hand into the center of their trio, hovering it just over the table. Sen imitated the motion, placing her hand over his.

Well whatever it is you do, how about staying in contact a little more often? We’re bound to end up in the same stations, or at least the same sectors from time to time. Rivals and friends forever, right?

Mei stared silently for an extended moment before finally smiling softly and resting her hand on top of the pile.

Yeah, we are. And I will. But you better watch out or I’ll be commander of a whole fleet of trading vessels before you get another promotion!
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Re: Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

PostPosted by Uchiha Sasuke » Fri Sep 09, 2011 1:14 am

Toya’s tiny arms burned as they took turns dragging the rest of his body through the icy water. His feet were giving their best effort to kick frantically and help with the propulsion, but his legs felt stiff and heavy. Every four or five painful strokes of his arms, he turned his head and gulped down a deep breath of air before plunging his face back into the freezing lake.

There was no end to this. He was going to die in such ridiculous fashion and wash up somewhere on land days later as a block a solid ice.

And then the top of his head slammed straight into a partially submerged boulder, his hands scrambling to find something to grasp onto. He was suddenly kneeling at the edge of the large body of water just on the shore, the liquid only a foot deep where he had ended up. So maybe he misjudged his distance…just a tiny bit.

A figured cloaked in the darkness of night approached, his heavy footsteps giving away his arrival to the sightless boy.


Too slow, but it’ll do for now. We’re going back.
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Re: Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

PostPosted by Uchiha Sasuke » Tue Oct 25, 2011 1:33 am

George rolled out of the warm confines of his blanket cocoon and hit the ground hard. A string of expletives and a good whack finally stopped the incessant buzzing of his alarm clock after he stood and rubbed his bruising forehead. Bloody hell, he was going to be late for the tournament!

He grabbed the first pair of balled up, wrinkled jeans he could spot on his laundry-encased floor and hurriedly pulled them over one and then his other leg, nearly placing both feet through the same opening and tripping over himself in the process. Wanting to avoid another embarrassing incident, he triple-checked that his zipper was in the upright position before turning his attention to a shirt hunt.

The black tee with the giant red demon lizard plastered on the front would be just perfect for the occasion. He lifted it over his head, funneling his arms through the sleeves and pulling it down over the rest of his torso. He glanced down to admire the beautiful artwork, but only darkness greeted him. Damnit, backwards.

Rather than wasting the time to rip it off and turn it over, the innovative young man simply slipped his arms back through the sleeves, spun the shirt around, and pushed his arms back out into view. Perfect.

It was starting to get quite chilly in the frozen north, so he took a stroll over to the rack in his closet and grabbed the grey hoodie hanging amongst other cold-weather articles. No way to mess this one up, just arms in and done! But of course he fumbled with this zipper for a good half minute before the stupid thing finally clasped together properly and allowed him to seal himself in the fuzzy warmth of the jacket.

Next were white fluffy socks on each foot and a pair of white and blue sneakers that were so old and torn up that he simply stepped into them without effort, kneeling for a brief moment to tie the laces into perfect knots.

Alright, finally ready to go! He snatched the black cougar plushie off his desk and placed it on his head before striding out the door. The only kind of hat that would fit the event.
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Re: Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

PostPosted by Uchiha Sasuke » Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:07 am

Toya exhaled deeply, his dark lens-covered eyes staring up at the massive tree and its snow-laden branches. Well, not that he could actually, well, see it. But he had climbed up and down every inch of this behemoth countless times, and he could probably describe it more accurately than anyone in the village with the actual vision to observe it.

The boy jumped with all his strength, his tiny arms waving frantically and barely grasping the lowest hanging extension of wood with the tips of his fingers. He squeezed tightly and rocked himself forward and back until he gained enough momentum to swing up beyond a ninety degree angle, shoving off the branch with all his might and propelling his body high above his previous position.

Now with plenty of forward energy in his favor, it was much easier to grab the next branch and pull himself up to his feet, precariously balancing on the dying wood. The frost did not agree with most plant life, and his small ledge was thin and brittle.

He quickly abandoned the position, leaping up again and flinging his arms around the next ice-covered branch. The unexpected level of slickness sent him into a brief panic, his left arm sliding off, his entire weight supported by the death grip his other hand still had around the frozen bark. His visible breath came out in rapid, short bursts of air.

Calm down, calm down, you know where you are, just a bit more…


Kuma! Damn cat, get the hell over here. I swear, I don’t see how Hisui thought you were cute enough to drag in off the dirty streets…


Yeah yeah, I said come here!

The young Nanaya raised his arm that had previously slipped from the branch, reaching his hand out and grabbing the orange-furred feline by the skin on the back of its neck. Now he just had to…get down with essentially one arm. And his mental map of the tree and its surroundings was jumbled up from his near fall.

Just when his mind had spit out the conclusion that he had no options left, large and powerful arms wrapped around his waist and plucked him from the branch he still clung to.

If you’re going to voluntarily take on more training, do it correctly or else you’re just setting yourself back. An extra hour in the morning, understood?

Toya squeezed Kuma tight against his chest as his father began a perfectly smooth series of leaps to descend the massive oak.

Yes, sir…

At least Hisui would be happy.
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Re: Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

PostPosted by Uchiha Sasuke » Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:34 pm

Woah there, buddy. I’m guessing you don’t who I am, so do yourself a favor and don’t throw your life away.

The massive hulk of a man lumbered towards the confident teen, cracking the knuckles of his oversized meat fists as he approached.

Of course I do. You’re that foreign Saiyato punk. Rainatsu, the silver flash, right? You probably think you’re pretty tough getting a cool street nickname for your speed, but I’ll show you how meaningless that will be when one little punch knocks you off your feet permanently.

Raina smirked, his silver eyes coolly analyzing his assailant. His sparkling gaze and matching hair provided one half of his infamous title, and he was about to show this bulky thug how he got the other half. Ren might scold him later for causing an unnecessary scene, but he couldn’t just walk away at this point.

The larger man lurched forward, his fist surging forward with surprising speed, ready to demolish the first object it came into contact with, living being or otherwise. Raina stepped to his left in the blink of an eye, following it up with two small steps forward, easily evading the strike and getting inside his opponent’s guard. Their bodies now only inches apart, the boy’s cocky grin morphed into an eerily blank expression.

Sorry, but quick as I may be, flash doesn’t refer to me specifically. The only thing people see when I defeat my enemy is a silver flash. And then just me...

The Saiyato clansman raised his right arm, his fist hardening into a metal harder than the most tempered steels formed by man. It rocketed into the other male’s gut an instant later, the force of the metal ball creating a series of gruesome cracking and popping sounds as ribs cracked, organs compressed, and other body parts forcibly moved in ways they were never intended to. Finally, the entire mass of flesh was sent soaring into the air, up over the walls of the tight alleyway they were standing in and finally landing on a nearby rooftop a street or two over.

The rest of the petty criminals facing Raina in a semicircle stared for several seconds before turning and scurrying out of the alleyway like frightened rodents. Which is exactly what they were, in his mind.

Ah well, Ren doesn’t actually have to hear every detail of my day anyway, right?
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Re: Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

PostPosted by Uchiha Sasuke » Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:37 am

Supposedly scientists had concluded that no two snowflakes would ever form in a completely identical manner, making each one of them unique. It made for an interesting piece of trivia to carry around, but it meant absolutely nothing for the lower working classes of Yukigakure, forced to trudge along through their daily routine as hundreds upon thousands of frozen droplets rained down on their heads.

A young girl, no older than eight years old, skipped along one of the small, underused pathways connecting the larger village streets near the central marketplace. Her light brown hair was tied into two short pigtails with bright pink ribbons, a color matching the tattered scarf wrapped tightly around her neck. She was bundled up in a thick purple and white jacket, long white pants, and an obviously oversized pair of dark boots. Somehow her attire still seemed far too light for the daily blizzard-like conditions of Yuki’s winter weather.

Her soft humming was cut short as a tall shadow cast over her tiny figure, a large man approaching her from the side and closing a meaty hand around her wrist. The girl attempted to break free in vain and opened her mouth to scream, but a second set of fingers clamped down on her lips and stifled the sound before it escaped.

Now now, no need for any of that. You’re that beggar brat who is always skulking around the market looking for handouts. Come play with me for a while, and you’ll get a fair payment in return. I won’t hurt-ah!

A black-clad arm snaked around the man’s neck, gloved fingers clamping down and squeezing tightly as the assailant simultaneously jabbed the tip of a knife into his prey’s back. He applied just enough pressure to inflict a bit of pain and make him aware of the weapon without drawing blood.

Get your hands off her. Now.

The bulky man obeyed, immediately releasing the girl who immediately sprung forward away from her captor.

Guess it shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but it still disgusts me that I have to stop sick [badword] like you almost every day. Now drop any money you have on you and get the hell out of my sight.

A hefty satchel dropped to the snow. The knife wielder released his grip on his victim’s neck and gave him a good shove forward, the now frightened and penniless man scurrying down the path and out into the open main streets.

Toya sighed, both with relief and repugnance at the state of humanity. He sunk to his knees in the thick snow to safely put away his blade and the dropped wallet stuffed with bills. He opened his arms wide just as the young girl dashed forward to embrace her savior.

You okay, Nanako?

Y-Yeah, he grabbed my arm really hard, but it doesn’t hurt that much. I never get scared even a little bit, cause I know big bro will always save me!

Her words were brave, but he could hear the underlying shakiness and see the hints of moisture forming in the corners of her eyes. He pulled her close, pressing his cheek against hers. She was far too cold…

Listen, how about we stop doing this? If I just take a few extra jobs every once in a while, it’ll make up the money difference anyway. I’ve probably been eating more than I need to anyway, and-

No, no, I said I’m fine! This…this is the one thing I can do to help big bro, so it’s fine! I don’t want to just be a burden on you forever.

Toya sighed again, but smiled softly and placed a hand atop her head.

Alright, kiddo, but it’s still unhealthy to be out in this cold for too long at a time. Let’s do a little shopping and get home. I’m going to waste a bit of our new plunder on some chocolate, so you can pick something you want too.


He stood and lifted Nanako up, carefully placing her on his shoulders and securing her feet before heading off to the bustling market plaza.



The girl hopped through the threshold of the cramped one room apartment, stripping off her scarf and jacket and diving headfirst into a big pile of blankets at the far edge of the space. In fact, most of the floor was covered in assorted blankets, pillows, and discarded clothing. Only a low sitting square table adorned the center of the room, while the doorways to the tiny kitchen area and bathroom were set to the right.

On most days, Toya would have grinned and mimicked her enthusiasm, but he was lost in thought as he stared down at the sheet of paper in his hands, a dark frown growing on his face. He didn’t receive much mail these days, making this single letter pinned to the front door all the more ominous.

It only took a half minute to read and process the contents of the message, and he quickly crumpled the paper into a compact ball and tossed it into the nearby waste bin upon finishing.


Nanako’s glowing face emerged from the mound of sheets, now traced with slight concern.

Something wrong…? Sorry, the water bill might be my fault…

No, it’s just another…job.

You mean the ones where you have to hurt people?

You’re too smart for your own good. It might be. But I’ve never hurt anyone who didn’t deserve it, you understand, right? If bad men have to suffer in order for good people to survive, then I’ll do it. I won’t let you ever be without food or shelter while I have the power to do something.

The girl puffed out her cheeks in a sulking expression.

It’s just stupid you can’t get a normal job. Why is everyone in this village so mean to big bro anyway?

The world isn’t always fair, Nana. Now how about I walk you over to Kei’s house to play for a couple hours while I’m out working, okay?



Toya ducked into the shadowed alleyway after making sure no one nearby had their eyes set on him. It was only late afternoon, but the sun was already beginning to set in the frozen winter skies. A hooded figure further down the path motioned with a hand for him to approach, which he slowly did.

Got a real big target for you this time, kid. Guess the boss is really starting to like the results you’re producing.

The hunter scowled, clearly not enchanted with being praised for such feats.

Whatever, as long as the paycheck is just as big. Hand it over.

He reached out and caught the tossed scroll, hastily unrolling it and scanning the text with his focused gaze. He nearly dropped it upon reaching the bottom.

Daisuke Yutaka?! The nobleman? Your boss is supposed to be taking out members of rival gangs, not causing trouble in the political realm!

The hooded messenger shrugged.

Not for me to question, I just spread the word. And speaking of which, there’s a little P.S. to that assignment. The boss figured you’d chicken out when someone so clean and important showed up, so he wanted to give you a little incentive. He says if you ever want to see that sister of yours again, you better kill the mark. And bring back the daimyo’s big fancy ring to boss’ office to prove it too.

Toya surged forward, grabbing the man’s collar and violently pinning him to the wall.

How dare you bring her into this?! I knew getting involved with scum like you guys was a bad idea. Damnit, you’ve probably had someone following both of us all day. [badword]. You’re lucky I don’t enjoy killing people. But if anything happens to Nanako by the time I get there…I’ll just have to suck it up and make a few exceptions.

He gave the man another shove against the wall and stormed out of the alleyway, ready for the most important mission of his life.


The Sakamoto group was admittedly one of the more powerful criminal organizations within the snow country, but that wasn’t saying a whole lot in a nation with relatively low rates of violent crime. The big man’s, Genjiro Sakamato’s, mansion hideout was pretty fancy, but still paled in comparison to some of the largest places in the rich district.

Taking out the few lookouts patrolling the west side of the premises and scaling his way to the third floor had been quite simple for the hunter. Lowlifes like these relied mostly on intimidation and sheer numbers to scare and beat their enemies into submission, a tactic that would prove quite useless on a prepared warrior like Toya.

The only problem was finding Nanako and getting her out unharmed. He had to assume Genjiro would not entrust her to his common thugs and would keep her close to wherever he was residing. He pressed his hands against a window and carefully slid it open, silently climbing his way inside the mansion with ease.

Didn’t seem like there was too much security on this level. Blockheads like this wouldn’t expect any trouble up here if no one on the outside or lower floors had not been alerted of it first. He sneaked his way down the wood-floored halls, finally reaching a door to what appeared to be the largest central room in the building. Perhaps the boss’ main office?

Deciding to take a big gamble in assuming he would be able to quickly defeat any opponents within and escape with Nanako undetected, he speedily slid the door open and burst through into the massive office.

The old dark-bearded Genjiro sat nonchalantly behind a big oak desk on the other end of the room, a pair of bodyguards at each of his sides. On Toya’s left, Nanako was slumped back in a chair of her own, hands and feet bound with rope, though it seemed unnecessary considering her unconscious state.

The Nanaya brat? How the hell…guards, kill him and the girl, now!

Each obeyed immediately, drawing menacing blades and advancing forward. Toya desperately fumbled for something at his side and took a step forward as well.

Wait, stop! Look, I have the ring. Daisuke Yukata is dead!

Everyone immediately froze, eyes locked in on the large golden band encrusted with colorful gems resting in Toya’s palm. As soon as he had their attention, he tossed the object forward. It landed on the large desk and exploded, spewing thick black smoke throughout the room.

The pair of bodyguards dropped instantly, throats slashed with brutal precision. The hunter was already at Genjiro’s side, knife pressed against the older male’s neck as well, pressing hard against skin and drawing blood.

You…you’re going to regret this. Every criminal in the village will be out for your blood, and you’ll never be hired again. No man can survive with that many enemies!

Pitch black eyes and glowing red pupils stared at the man, the only part of Toya visible through the smoke even at this proximity.

I’ve already lived this long with the entire world as my enemy. I only need one person on my side to keep on going…

A final stroke of his blade erased one more life from the world.



Nanako, you’re finally awake! Thank goodness…

Toya’s hands clamped down on hers as she awoke from her blanket-encased slumber.

I…the bad people! They…big bro, did you save me from them?

I’ll always be the one to protect you, Nana. Those bad men who have been paying me to do things tried to use you to make me do a very bad thing. But I took care of it, and they won’t be bothering either of us ever again, alright?

His breathing stopped for a moment, dreading the inevitable questions about what exactly had taken place back in that mansion. How the hell was he supposed to explain the bloody events that had transpired? Lying to her face always felt so terrible…

That’s good. I don’t want big bro doing those kinds of things anymore anyway. We’ll find another way to make money, right?

Toya smiled, his blue eyes full of warmth as he gazed down at her.

Of course. We always do. Now let’s not let that cake we bought this morning sit around and go to waste! Just keep resting up, and I’ll bring you a slice, alright?

She grinned brightly, pulling the blankets even more tightly around her lying figure.

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Re: Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

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Toya swung a heavy picnic basket in his right hand as he trudged down the path leading from the back door of the manor to the sparkling lakeside before him. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky to dim the mood of the burning sun, but the breeze blowing in from across the cool water was pleasant enough to offset the temperature.

Moriko, I haven’t even done any training yet today, I don’t know about-

No, we are relaxing, right now! I already made all the food and everything. Besides, poor little Nanako has barely set a foot outside since we brought her home. Do it for us, pleeeease?

He turned his head. A big mistake.

The little girl was wore a one-piece summer dress of the purest white, and her soft brown hair was tied up in two adorable, pink pigtails. Her arms were wrapped around Moxie’s neck as the older female propped her up with her own limbs.

The Saihoushi’s strawberry blonde hair was also tied back in one long tail, and she was clad in a light dress as well, splashed with warm seasonal flowers of varying shades of reds, oranges, and yellows.

Women…damn them all.

Alright, don’t give me that look. You’re both too cute for me. I bet you’ve never seen a big body of water outside the ocean, huh, Nanako?

He reached with his free hand to give the girl a gentle pat on the head. She shied away reflexively, but allowed him to stroke her hair without protest.

She was conscious enough that he had saved her from a terrible fate, but the extent of just how terrible was beyond the grasp of her young mind for the present time. For now, he was perfectly satisfied with her ignorant gratitude towards him. It was kind of nice having someone who trusted him so much despite their relatively short time together.

Fydan...Nanako mujac ed!

Toya blinked.

Uhh, Moriko…?

Moxie laughed and bounced the girl up and down as she walked.

She says she loves the water. I don’t think she cares about the differences between oceans and lakes and rivers.

He smiled.

Well we didn’t come here to swim, but it’s a beautiful setting for a nice lunch.

The trio arrived at the sandy shore, a man-made beach of powdery white sand, almost appearing as snow from afar. Toya got to work spreading out the large sky-blue blanket they had brought along and plopping the basket in the center. He leaned back and collapsed on one end of the material, facing the bright blue sky and closing his eyes with a contented sigh.

A sudden force impacting on his chest startled him out of the peaceful state. He opened his eyes to find a pair of warm brown orbs staring curiously down at him.

Hyb desa?

Moxie sat down on the opposite side of the basket and began unpacking its contents. Individually wrapped sandwiches, a platter of sliced watermelon, and a jug of ice water were the first items she rested on the blanket.

No, it’s not time to nap. You sure look tired for someone who wanted to run off and work your body to death all day.

Toya slid Nanako forward and sat up, letting her remain in his lap.

You just said you wanted me to relax, make up your mind! Look, Nanako, it’s that melon you love.

The girl crawled from his legs and took a big hunk of the red fruit. She chomped at it hungrily, closing her eyes and grinning wildly as she chewed. The simple summer joys that she would know for years to come in her new life of freedom and peace.

Toya got to his knees as well, making his way to Moxie’s side and leaning in to press his lips against her cheek. He kissed both sides of her face before touching his forehead to hers.

Sorry, this really is nice. You spoil me too much, and I don’t thank you enough for it. Love you, Moriko.

He moved to claim her lips this time, but just as they made contact a sudden exclamation from the third picnicker caused them both to turn their heads.

Hu vyen, Nanako fyhdc y gecc vnus Pnudran duu!

Calm down, Nanako. You want some more melon?

Moxie giggled and playfully pushed him away.

Aww, your cute little sis is jealous, Toya. She wants a kiss from her big bro too~.

Toya stared for a second, not quite processing the words right away. Finally he turned and placed his hands on the girl’s shoulders.

Alright, you too, Nanako.

Her eyes shut tightly, and her lips quivered slightly in anticipation. He shuffled forward on his knees and planted his kiss on her forehead. He slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her in for a tight hug afterward. His other arm did the same, pressing Moxie against his side.

A nice picnic with my two favorite girls. I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend a summer afternoon.

Of course not.

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Re: Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

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Ow! Stupid teeth, stupid finger…Daikiii, help me do this!

The tiny dark-haired girl gingerly gnawed at her thumb, unable to overcome her body’s natural defense mechanisms and pierce her own skin. Her brother stood nearby, concentrating on the tiny strand of blood floating from his own finger and slowly moving through the air.

Unfortunately, the sudden shout from his sibling cost him a moment of focus, and the crimson line plummeted to the grass below. He turned, golden gaze burning with frustration.

Baka, I was finally doing it! Dad said if you can’t draw your own blood, then you’re probably not ready to control it anyway!

Chie pulled her hand from her mouth and stomped a foot down hard.

I-I’ve done it before, Baka! My, my jaw is just a little sore is all! Here, just give me a little prick so I can keep training too, okay?

She flipped out a beautiful Nanaya blade and held the hilt out for Daiki to take. He sighed, but did, and pressed the edge of the blade against her index finger.

Fine. You owe me one though.


Daiki, what are you doing?!

Chie flinched the instant the knife bit into her finger, and her father’s voice only increased the sudden recoil. Daiki attempted to pull the tip away as quickly as possible, but the girl had already dragged her skin hard across the sharp edge and ripped open a bloody line.


Ch-Chie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-

Dainichi dashed between his children and knelt beside his wounded daughter, grasping her little hand between his. She was trying not to sob, but tears were flowing freely from her eyes.

Shh, cmere, Chi-Chi. Pain sucks, but it’s just your body telling you that something’s wrong. You’re strong, just breathe.

He lifted her hand and pressed his lips against the wound, halting the bleeding and swallowing a bit of it in the process. When he pulled away, the wound was closed up as if it had never been there.

Chie sniffed and swiped her arm across her eyes.

Thanks daddy. I-I’m sorry, I know you said not to make big cuts to get blood, but I just really wanted to practice and make you proud. I’m sorry.

Dai stood and rested a hand on his daughter’s head.

It’s alright, sweetie. Just remember that your safety is always the most important thing. Your mother and I will always be proud of you, so don’t rush things when it could be dangerous. And your brother shouldn’t have let you do this in the first place…

Daiki froze as his father’s harsh gaze descended on him, the incriminating knife stained with blood still clutched in his right hand.

It was just gonna be a prick! She’s the one who jerked away and cut herself!

Family protects each other at all times, Daiki! Especially when it’s your little sister! You two are still so young, and you have no control over your bodies. If you manipulate too much of your own blood before you’ve learn to replenish it quickly enough, you could end up killing yourselves! Our bloodline is not a game, understood?

The boy’s head lowered.

Yes, sir. I’m sorry.

U-Understood, daddy…

Dai knelt again, between them, and enveloped their little framed in his broad arms. He squeezed them both tightly against his chest.

Just be smart, kids. I really love you both, never forget that.

He released them and carefully took the knife from his son, sliding it across his palm with trained precision, allowing the tiniest red incision to open up.

Your motivation is still beautiful. I’ll give you that bit of extra practice you wanted, Chi-Chi. Just swallow a drop and feel my blood meld with yours. A Jekial can feel united with anyone he consumes the blood of, if he wants to.

The girl moved without hesitation, sticking out her tongue and lapping up a small amount of the crimson liquid pooling on his palm. Her lips puckered, and she stepped backwards.

Daddy tastes like berries!

Dai rose once again and laughed. It had been a long, long time since another Jekial had taken his blood.

Everyone with our power has a unique scent that other clan members can use to track them with. All I have to do to find you is head for the smell of a nice grilled steak. Though even if I wasn’t sniffing out your blood, I’d probably find you eating a real one anyway.

He grinned stupidly at her, an all too familiar expression for him.

What’s mine, dad?!

Hmm, it’s a smokey scent, like burning ash. Fitting for one destined to leave a blazing trail in his wake wherever he chooses to go!

I was wondering why it always seemed like something was on fire when you practice. Baka…

Hey, shutup, Baka! You’re just a crazy steak girl!

Hey, hey, kids, let’s get back to work, alright?

So who wants to explain to me what’s going on here?

Dai froze and turned to find his wife standing just a few steps away, smiling sweetly. But he knew exactly the suppressed anger lying beneath the surface of that particular look…


Mom, I can move my blood around, all on my own now!

Rika! I was just…helping the kids a bit with their training. No unnecessary cuts, just a finger prick for Daiki, and Chie was using blood from an old scratch I got working on my arm earlier. Heh…

Rika sighed, but held her smile. It looked a bit more sincere now.

What am I going to do with you, turning our children into the same type of ridiculous, logic-defying warrior that you are. But I do love you for it too. Just make sure not to neglect your hunting with all this, understood?

Dai wrapped his metal arm around Daiki’s waist and his organic limb around Chie’s, hoisting up to the kids and resting them on his shoulders.

Understood, ma’am! Anything for the clan leader! We will not fail you in this mission to hunt down the ever elusive grilled steak in a timely fashion! Lunch will be served!

The kids both giggled as their father took off running with them now secured, while Rika could do nothing but shake her head with an exasperated smile. She loved them all to death, no matter how crazy they were. Because they were crazy, actually.

She turned to call after the rapidly moving trio.

You better bring back something for me too, Dai!
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Re: Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

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Summers in the Wind Country were unlike those anywhere else in the world.

Rather than stifle the inhabitants of Hanabira City, the sweltering heat spurred people to find diverse and fun ways to deal with the weather and enjoy each day. Vendors sold frozen treats, almost nightly festivals filled the city streets, and the whole place buzzed with life.

But one tiny citizen was not having the enjoyment-filled time of her life she had been expecting. She trudged through the shopping district, twin light-brown pigtails bobbing up and down with each of her steps and frilly pink dress flapping in the dry summer breeze.

Stupid onii-chan.…this was supposed to be our fun week alone together. Instead you barely have time for me and run off with a bunch of other women behind Moriko’s back. Onii-chan…

Nanako Nanaya was not enjoying the season in the slightest. She had barely seen her precious older brother for more than five minutes at a time, and he was always either rushing out of the house in a hurry or running in for a quick meal or a few hours of sleep, hardly a sentence exchanged between them.

Finally, after three days of the cycle, the girl had endured enough. There was no other way to fix this situation than trail her brother and get to the bottom of whatever he was doing without her that was so important!

And with that, the girl donned a very special uniform to begin her makeover. The pink and white dress with bright red ribbon tied across her collarbone and draped across her chest. Sparkling pink shoes with miniature red ribbons for laces. She traded out her usual pink ribbons in her pigtails for a pair in warm yellow. Pink and white-fingered gloves transcribed with intricate seals bearing writings of her native language. And lastly, but most importantly, a flowing white cape with the big smiling face of a pink penguin stitched across the back.

With the sheet wrapped around her figure, her transformation into the one and only…!

I’m on the case! Magical Detective Loveliiiiine~!

For two tedious days she stalked her target, the art of the fierce Nanaya hunter and the magical abilities of Loveline guiding her steps and allowing her to flawlessly observe his pattern of action. Exactly the same on each day. Meeting the same girls at the same places for seemingly the same reasons. This was what he was doing without her?

Nanako wiped the back of a gloved hand across her eyes. It’s a good thing magical detectives didn’t cry…

Now here she was, on her second to last day of her special week, following him for the third day in a row. This was the last straw! She would find out once and for all what his intentions were and confront him. No more of these hurtful secrets he was hiding from her and Moriko alike!

She shoveled a forkful of strawberries and cream into her mouth, tucked away in a small booth at the opposite end from the table where Toya Nanaya and Kona Naresome sat opposite each other, enjoying sweet dishes of their own and laughing amidst conversation.

Yeah, he better laugh and enjoy himself all he could before he found out she was spending every penny of the allotted money he had given her for the summer on the overpriced baked goods here! This was the last little café along the long list of places she had trailed the pair to for the third day in a row, each time the same route. What kind of date involved eating at so many different places anyway?

The girl quickly raised a menu when the two of them stood and exited the shop, smiles still beaming on each of their faces. Nanako lowered her identity shield and puffed out her cheeks. Wahh, what the heck was this…

Excuse me, miss, but if you’ll pardon the intrusion…are you acquaintances of either of those two guests?


Nanako blinked away more moisture and followed the older gentleman’s gaze out the door.

Oh, umm…well, one of them is my onii-chan…I’ve been trying to figure out who the girl is and what they’re doing…

The man sighed and stroked his overly greased black moustache.

They’re destroying most of the competition is what they’re doing, including me. That Kona Naresome…her little shop wasn’t doing well at all until recently. That brother of yours must have a unique palette for sweet things, cause ever since those two have been roaming around tasting every shop’s selections, that Kona has been able to produce similar creations with results even better than the originals. Don’t ask me what they’re actually doing, but whatever happens, they aren’t getting my precious strawberry shortbread!

The miniature hero hopped up from the booth with a wide smile plastered on her face.

I knew he had to have a good reason! Thanks, mister, your strawberry cake is the best!

But Loveline’s investigation was not finished yet! No, there were still many leads to follow. She crossed out Kona’s name on her little notepad and circled the one below it.

After another few minutes of flawless shadowing led her to what had to be the tenth little shop that day, she decided to wait outside this time. She was starting to grow sick of having to order something to eat every time she went inside to keep from drawing attention.

Well…and she was running low on allowance money.

Fifteen minutes went by before Toya emerged and continued on his way down the street. She stayed hidden behind a small market stall across from the café and waited for the girl he had met to exit as well.

The woman finally emerged, beautiful shapely figure lit up by her fiery orange hair. Her ice-blue eyes were turning puffy and red from tears.

What on earth had her onii-chan been talking to her about in there?! This time she would have to be direct and get to the truth of the matter herself!

E-Excuse me! Yumi-san?

Huh, yes? Oh, hello there. Do you need something, little thing? Are you playing a game?

Her cheek’s puffed up in response to the older female’s condescending tone.

I’m not playing! How do you know my onii-chan, and what were you guys talking about in there? Don’t try and lie to me, cause a detective’s senses can pierce through them and find the truth!

Yumi’s fingers went to her lips in surprise.

Onii-chan? So you’re the little sister. Your brother is an old friend of mine and was just doing me a personal favor. You see, my husband, he’s blind and well…I’ve been finding it very frustrating to relate to some of the issues that go along with it no matter how patient and caring I try to be, and…well I knew Toya used to be blind and thought maybe he could help me understand more about what it’s like. That’s all. Your brother puts on a good act outwardly, but he’s surprisingly good at understanding and connecting to people.

Nanako’s bright grin glowed brighter than the neon colors of her magical outfit.

Yes, my onii-chan is the best! Thanks a lot, Yumi-san!

The little detective blew down the street and back onto her target’s trail before the woman could say another word. Just three more stops and her task would b complete.

Could onii-chan really have such perfect reasons for every single one of them?

She hoped so.

Geez, onii-chan was so fast. It took her far too long to find him sitting with yet another girl on a bench in one of Hanabira’s many open plazas.

Nanako sat on the edge of a beautifully sculpted stone fountain at the opposite edge of the square and watched them talk. The beautiful blonde girl smiled and laughed and seemed to be taking notes on everything her hero companion said.

She scowled and crossed her arms. What reasonable explanation could there possible be for this scene?

Could it be?! The one and only Magical Detective Loveline! What fortune I have to stumble across her today. Or could it be misfortune that I’ve run into a the middle of a dark investigation?

A tall male stood before her, golden-brown waves of hair spilling off his head and dark sunglasses contrasting with his evenly tanned skin. A camera hung from his neck, and he pushed his black lenses down on his nose to reveal light blue eyes watching her with amusement.

Don’t make fun of me, Ishida-sensei! I’m seriously investigating those two over there!

He laughed and sat down next to her, eyes following her finger over to the mentioned pair.

I’m serious too, Nana-chan! But hmm, now this one could be problematic. What interest could a magical detective have in my cute little assistant now?

Nanako blinked.

Huh? Who?

That girl works for me. Hanako. She’s been just dying to get an exclusive interview with a famous figure to have me publish for her, and it looks like she finally convinced your brother to be that person. Good for her.

But I…interview, huh. Geez, onii-chan, why don’t you jut tell me what you’re up to instead of leaving me alone and confused?

Mitsuo smiled softly and pat the top of her head, her yellow ribboned pigtails bouncing with the motion.

Well how about you ask him then? I’m sure he’d never intentionally make you feel that way. But guys can be pretty dense about these things after all. I know from experience!

She grinned and jumped to her feet. Toya and Hanako were already up and parting ways.

Thanks, sensei! Just a little more sleuthing, and then I definitely will talk to him!

It turned out that the final two stages of her mission would be even less eventful than the rest.

First she took an airship ride high above the city and found out that Toya had been meeting regularly with an important engineer named Midori Kyota to talk about some cool new prototype engine modification she was working on because they were old friends.

Sheesh, onii-chan had way too many “old friends” who also happened to be extremely beautiful women around his age…

All but the final one of course.

It turned out that the girl around her age that Toya had been visiting the last few days was one of his old students, an orphan named Yume. A young couple had finally decided to adopt her, and she wanted to make sure to say goodbye to him before they moved.

…though what had she really suspected her onii-chan to be doing with someone as young as she was? Even if he did have eyes for younger girls, it would be for someone as awesome as her!

It seemed that her investigation was coming to a happy ending, and it was getting pretty late. Time to carry out her plan and talk to onii-chan directly already!

She waited in a small alleyway along a street that she knew he took everyday on his way home. It wasn’t long until she heard his familiar light footsteps tapping on the stone road through the city.

She wasn’t actually sure how she knew they belonged to him…but she did! It was almost as mysterious as the fact that he never heard her coming no matter how amazing and sensitive all of his senses were.

Loveline Love Tackle!

Gah, what the-?!

Nanako leapt from her hiding place and rocketed up into Toya’s chest, arms wrapping around him and bringing him to the ground in a strange sort of aggressive hug.

Onii-chan, hiii~!

He scooped up the giggling girl and stood up, a stern expression on his face.

Geez, Nanako, what have I told you about surprising me like that? What if I hurt you in reflex?!

But you never will! Besides, you can’t hurt a powerful magical detective like Loveline!

He sighed and shook his head before letting the trace of a smile creep its way across his face.

You’re so silly. What are you doing out here anyway?

She pouted.

Investigating you! This was supposed to be our fun week together during Moriko’s vacation, but you’ve left me alone almost the whole time! So I followed you to find out what was so important that you had to ignore me for! You’re sure popular with women, onii-chan…

Color drained from his face.

Woah, wait, that’s not…Nanako, I’m not doing anything weird with them! And I’m sorry for neglecting you, I just got caught up in stuff and…I’m so sorry. We’ll have a lot of fun tomorrow okay?

She grinned.

Oh I know what you were doing now, onii-chan. But if you don’t want Moriko hearing another version, you better keep that promise and spend the whole day with me!

Toya blinked in shock for several seconds of silence before bursting into laughter.

Wow, you devious little girl. Now where did you learn to act like that? Alright, we’ll go to one of the summer festivals tomorrow. Moriko will be getting home in the evening, so we can go pick her up together!



Toya stood on the docking platform with Nanako sitting high on his shoulders and waving happily at the incoming airship. She wore a simple white yukata adorned with deep pink flowers in place of her Loveline costume for the festival.

Wah, I had so much fun, onii-chan! But I’m excited to have Moriko back with us too!

The Nanaya was dressed in his own midnight blue yukata and was busy chewing away at the last of a fluffy pink ball of cotton candy.

Hrm? Oh, me too! I’m sure she’ll be glad to see you after a long trip.

The passengers began descending the ramp and flooding the platform, scurrying off to join their loved ones or heading directly off to their various destinations.

A certain strawberry blonde flashed them a sunny smile when her equally luminous eyes found them. She rushed over to them lugging a heavy bag behind.

Toya! Nanako!

She melted into Toya’s open arms and leaned in for a quick welcome back kiss.

Welcome home, Moriko. I don’t think we could have managed much longer without you.

Nanako slid off his shoulders and slung her arms around Moxie’s neck.

Moriko, Moriko, guess what?!

She laughed and supported the energetic girl with her arms.

What is it, Nanako?

Toya looked a little too anxious during the brief pause after the question.

Onii-chan is the most amazing guy in the entire world!

He exhaled.

Mm, I think I have to agree with that. Good thing we have him all to ourselves, right?

The girl closed her eyes and grinned, now reaching one arm around Toya as well and dangling between the two of them.

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Re: Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

PostPosted by Uchiha Sasuke » Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:10 am

Hey, onii-chan…


Toya looked up from his book.

He was lying casually across the living room couch as Nanako knelt in front of the television nearby.

She shifted to face him, big brown eyes staring eagerly.

How come some nights you and Moriko keep the door closed and don’t want me sleeping with you?

His heavy text crashed to the carpeted floor, and his face began to glow red with heat.

Err, I mean…Nanako, it’s not like we don’t want…sometimes we just need alone time…you know, as a couple.

The girl tilted her head, her pigtails swishing with the motion.

But you guys are alone sometimes during the day too. Why is sleeping alone any different?

He cleared his throat.

Well, you know…it’s private time where we can say how much we love each other.

But you guys tell each other that all the time!

Well words aren’t always enough some time. I still tell her how much I love her, but I…show her too.

What do you show her?

I told you, it’s private.

But don’t you love me too?

Of course I do.

So why can’t you show me too?

Toya rubbed his burning forehead. How the hell did parents deal with this stuff…

See, there are different kinds of love. Moriko and I are in a romantic relationship, which has its own special type of love. You’re my cute little sister, and I love you just as much, but it’s not exactly the same. So I show you in different ways than I do with her.

Nanako fell silent for a moment, seemingly deep in thought, before lighting up again.

Okay, that makes sense I guess! I love you too, onii-chan!

He smiled as the relief washed over him like a cleansing wave. Crisis avoided for now.

So where do babies come from?

He nearly choked on air.


She stared matter-of-factly, wondering why her big bro was being so silly about all this.

Yeah. You guys are going to have your own kids someday, right? How do you get them? Does this have to do with the special romantic love you can only show alone at night?

His head reeled.

Yes, well, sort of…

So how do you do it?

You know maybe this is a question you should ask again later…in fact, maybe you should just ask Moriko instead. I think she would be better at explaining it to you, and you’re both girls, so…

What difference does that make? Can’t you just tell me?

It’s just that…well it’s something that’s more suited to learn when you’re a little older. It’s like how you don’t learn certain things in school until a certain age, right? Yeah, like that!

Her eyes showed acceptance and disappointment.

Oh alright, I guess I can wait a little.

He could breathe again.

She stood to walk over to the couch and jumped onto his stomach, her small arms clinging around his figure.

Thanks, onii-chan. I’m glad I can always talk to you about anything!

He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed softly.

Of course, Nanako. Anytime.

As long as they weren’t always these kinds of subjects…

Everyday younglife junesuuu~!

Love you too.
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Re: Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

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Fluorescent lights buzzed like flies from their perches on the lab’s otherwise monochrome walls. The room was small and cramped and barely fit the large, single desk that I found myself seated at after years of disuse.

I scribbled away on a wrinkled piece of paper filled with barely legible scratching that only other people connected to the medical field would have any chance of deciphering. Or this letter’s intended recipient.

One final addition to seal the note’s conclusion. Toya Shiki Nanaya.

My son. My only child. The only remaining legacy of…her.

My fingers gently rested on a photograph pressed firmly against my finished letter. Beautiful golden-brown hair that glowed warmer than the summer sun. That deep crimson cloth she wore to conceal her eyes. A smile that still pierced my soul and filled me with joy, sorrow, and lingering guilt.

I failed her. Midori Himura, the woman I fell so deeply in love with. Why couldn’t I become the sort of man who could love and protect you?

Hana Saihoushi saw the potential in me to break free of the Nanaya’s grip and live my own life. Midori was my answer. They both changed my life forever, and I failed them both. My will wasn’t strong enough. My mind and body were too weak. I let the Nanaya control me to the end, and even my final act of defiance still gave them half the victory.

And now, most importantly, I failed my child. The one precious gift and reminder I still had left from Midori. Instead of loving and cherishing and protecting him like she would have wanted, I took away his hope for a happy childhood and forced him down the same path I walk. Starting him on a road of anger, revenge, and bloodshed.

Too many mistakes. Far too many mistakes to fix now. But some redemption was still not an impossible goal. There was still one last thing I could do.

I could free Toya from this cruel fate. Give him the truth, about everything, and finally rebel against the Nanaya with all my remaining power. Maybe it was a foolish or impossible thought. Maybe Toya would never accept it or forgive me or even want such a thing.

But…continuing on like this was no longer an option. Something needed to change, soon.

I stuffed the envelope with the folded letter and picture, sealed it, and exited my underground workplace without hesitation.


I stood in the center of my office. The traditional one in the second floor of the mansion. It was much larger and warmer than the hidden laboratory.

Today was Toya’s fourteenth birthday. Fourteen years ago today marked the death of his wife. It seemed fitting to reveal the truth behind that incident to him after all this time. I turned and nearly collided with the young girl just entering the room laden with a heavy silver tray.

E-Excuse me, Tohru-sama, I’m so sorry. Y-Your tea…

I shook my head and briefly smiled. These sisters were one of the only good deeds I could make any claim to in the world. No matter what happened to me and Toya, at least they would live long and prosperous lives away from the unstable streets they grew up on.

Thank you, Hisui, but I won’t be taking any today. I have a surprise planned for Toya’s birthday, and I need your help. Would you please go find your sister and fetch him for me?

Surprise was evident in her expression, but she nodded enthusiastically and rushed out of the room, cups and pot clanking on her swaying tea tray. I chuckled softly to myself before releasing a wistful sigh.

I rehearsed exactly what I was going to say over and over in my head. Midori, I pray he will listen to me. I cannot change how much I failed you, but I can still redeem myself with our precious son…


Today was like any other day. Out of bed before the sun rose. Breakfast with Kohaku. Morning training. Daily knife sharpening. This day he just happened to also be a year older.

Sure didn’t feel any different. That is, until the moment the endless black void his eyes had gazed into for fourteen years suddenly became a little less black. And a little more…bright. He knew the names of colors, but he didn’t know what they looked like.

What…is this. Can I…see?

The dazed hunter tossed the sunglasses from his face and frantically waved his hand in front of his face. He extended and curled his fingers back and forth, the movement stimulating his newly awakened sense even further.


Everything still seemed a lot darker than he thought it would. But darkness accented with streaky lines of that same bright, painful color from earlier. It made his head throb and his heart pulse when he stared at it for too long. So he tried to focus more on the dark pieces.

A figure lined in blinding color rounded the hallway into the front room where he still stood frozen. A second, nearly identical column of lines appeared at its side.

There you are, Toya-sama! It’s not like you to return late from your training! I told you I was making your favorite strawberry cake for your birthday, didn’t I? But first, your father asked us to send you up to his office. We’ll eat some together after, okay? And then we’ll…hey, are you alright? Toya-sama, your glasses.

His eyes, once unfocused and glazed over by blindness, were now trained perfectly on the twins. Their images slowly came into existence, washed out and streaked with the strange lines, but visible.

Kohaku, Hisui, I…can see you both. I can see everything. Ugh, it’s all so weird. I don’t get it, I thought…I thought my eyes were cursed. The Shiki curse that made that bastard kill my mother…

Kohaku’s eyes widened, and she took a step forward with calming hands raised and ready to pull the boy into her embrace. Toya raised one hand defensively, while his other instinctively moved to the blade at his side.

Toya, you…your mother wasn’t blind. The Shiki bloodline just doesn’t materialize until a certain age. I’m sure your father was planning to tell you about it all when a day like this came.

He shook his head violently, unable to process everything that was going on at once. His head still throbbed painfully the longer his eyes were open.

These eyes are my power? This isn’t what I wanted to see! What the hell are these lines anyway?! Damnit!

He moved to a grand table in the middle of the living room and jammed the tip of his knife into one of the bright, pulsating lines. He dragged it across the surface and blinked as the thick mahogany cleaved neatly in half with the force and precision of a saw cutting for several minutes.

Toya breathed heavily and stared at the weapon on his palm. He…he cut the line. And then cut what the line was on. This kind of power had been hidden inside him all this time. His father kept it from him out of fear. Fear of what he might do when he realized how strong he was.

Now there was nothing to stop him. He had already learned everything he needed to be a Nanaya from his father. He could finally have vengeance against the man who took away his only real parent.

Toya, please, calm down. I know you’re scared and confused, so please just-

Shut up! If he asked to see me then I’ll give him what he wants! It will be fitting as the last order that tyrant of a father ever gives me!

He disappeared in a blink before either of the maids could even take a step. His muscle memory guided his legs perfectly through the halls and up the staircase with practiced speed and efficiency. If anything, his new incomplete vision actually slowed him down. Sights and senses he wasn’t used to experiencing flashed before him every second and overloaded an area of his mind he never used before.

The young hunter was in front of the large double doors to his father’s office in seconds. He kicked them open and charged forward with one fluid motion. His father stood close to his desk facing away from the door, one hand resting on the wood surface. The man turned to face the sudden commotion, but his son’s burst of superhuman speed had already brought them within a foot of each other.

Toya instantly honed in on a mass of that sickeningly irritating color scribbled across his father’s chest and plunged his blade right through it. The metal sheared dug through until his entire hand was enveloped in the massive warm flow gushing from the wound.

It was red. That horrific color staining every object he looked at matched the liquid erupting from his father’s body and tainting his body as well. He knew what the name of blood’s color at least. So this was red. The color of his father’s death. The end of this demon of a man who no longer deserved to exist.

He ripped his hand from the corpse and his weapon along with it. The lines still clouded his vision and enraged him further. This wasn’t satisfying at all. Why didn’t he feel satiated? How could he make these angry feelings disappear? He wanted to bring his father back to life and kill him over and over and over again until he felt better.

Toya! What have you-?! Oh God, Hisui…Toya, you need to listen to me, okay? Put the knife down and we can talk.

The hunter raised the weapon instead and looked back and forth between his fallen victim and the sisters in the threshold.

I-I can’t…I didn’t want…

His hands shook violently as they gripped tighter around the hunting blade. The rage was slowly giving way to fear and confusion, the wave of emotion paralyzing him completely. He wanted to hurt someone so badly they would never forget, and at the same time he wanted to run off and hide and never wield a knife ever again.

Before he even realized she was moving forward, Kohaku’s hands gently clasped around his, gingerly peeling away his fingers from the hilt until the weapon clattered harmlessly to the floor.

He instantly dropped to his knees. The girl mimicked his movement and wrapped her arms around the bloodied child, letting him bury his face into her chest just as his shoulders began to shake with his sobs.

I-I’m a monster just like him! What am I going to do now? My life is over. Everything is ruined.

Hisui quietly moved further into the room to begin dealing with the situation as her sister calmly stroked their young master’s hair.

Shh, everything is going to be okay, Toya. You’re not a monster. You’re our kind and loving Toya-sama, and we’re not going to abandon you. Stay strong for us and everything is going to work out, okay?

The flow of tears finally slowed and he pulled away from her enough to shakily nod his head.

O-Okay. I’m sorry, Kohaku. Thank you…

The rest of his memory regarding that day’s events was masked in black and crimson.


The door behind me was forced open with a violent crash. Toya never lacked subtlety when he entered a room, and it immediately alerted me that something was off. I spun to face the entrance only to be greeted by my son’s familiar face only inches away.

Familiar except for the eyes of a fatesplitter filled with anger and power and, most importantly, sight. I instantly knew how this was going to end. Even if I still had the reflex and skill to match the much younger and more talented Nanaya in the room, I no longer had the desire to face him.

The shock from the mortal wound he delivered filled me with the sweet relief of painlessness in seconds, leaving nothing but a white, empty feeling in the void left behind. We both fell to the floor, his strike still buried deep within my body.

My final thoughts were all focused on one thing. Did I do enough for him? Would he be able to survive facing all of the Nanaya he would eventually encounter? Would he direct his rage against them and resolve to dismantle them on his own? Would he ever find the letters buried deep below the house and discover the truth? Would he even care? Would he ever consider me as a father or anything but an evil man meeting a just end?

More white. Now everything was going numb, and my eyes slowly shut. For someone who spent his entire life dedicated to the art of surviving and killing others, I was surprisingly accepting of my imminent death. Maybe I didn’t deserve any peace, but I could feel it enveloping me.

I hope maybe I did enough to visit the paradise you ended up in for even one minute, Midori. It’s a bit selfish, but…I’d like to see you able to look down on Toya with pride one last time…
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Re: Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

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I still don’t understand why we couldn’t have done this at my house.

Himeko daintily crossed her legs to sit more comfortably on the bed. Her long golden curls spilled down the back of her shimmering pink nightdress, and poutiness clouded her sky-blue eyes.

Well you wanted to make sure no one bothered us, right? Take-nii and Yo-nii are busy with a school project, and mommy is out working. Daddy will be locked up in his study preparing for his lectures, so it’s just us and fun tonight!

The little Nanaya jumped onto the bed on her stomach and giggled at her friend. Her nightgown was white with a deep red floral pattern throughout. The color matched the band of cloth around her eyes. The knot formed a ribbon at the back of her head that ended up mostly concealed in her locks of brown streaked with blonde.

Yes, that is what I wanted. I just know that wild excuse for a sister of mine would never leave us alone! But I’ve always wanted to have a sleepover in the castle. It’s no fun to be a princess alone.

The Yutaka girl cupped her pale cheek and released a heaving sigh.

I didn’t even have time for all my makeup. I’m so ugly.

Midori suppressed a gasp and shook her head adamantly.

Don’t say those things. You don’t need a castle to have fun or be a princess, Hime. You’re the most amazing, beautiful princess in the world!

Himeko turned her head and brushed a lock of her golden hair behind her ear.

Thanks for the kind words, Midori, but I’m afraid that you’re not exactly the expert on…I mean…you can’t even see what I look like.

The blindfolded girl scooted forward on the bed and firmly gripped her friend’s cheeks between her palms.

Don’t be silly. I can see you just fine, and makeup doesn’t make any difference! I love you just the way you are, Hime-hime.

The blonde’s face flushed a pale red that luckily no one else with sight was around to witness.

Y-You’re the silly one! But seeing as you are my best friend and one of the few intelligent people around me…maybe I can believe you. I love you too, Mimi-hime.

The girls squeezed each other in a tight embrace and lingered in each other’s warmth for a moment. Himeko sighed softly.

You know, even if we don’t need one, it’s still quite fun to be a princess in her kingdom. Are you suuuure you don’t want to move to my place? We could be served tea and cake and be waited on the whole night and take a hot bath in a room-sized tub and fall asleep in the biggest, fluffiest bed in my castle!

Midori leaned back and chewed on her lower lip.

Well…it does sound fun and all…but weren’t you worried about Haruka? We’ll have to ask daddy too.

Hime crossed her arms as a haughty smirk spread across her lips.

Just let me worry about my sister. It will be fine. And as for Uncle Toto, you know there’s no way he can resist the puppy eyes and pleading requests of us two cute girls.

The Nanaya giggled.

You’re right there. Umm, though I was wondering if before we go we could…pretty up a little? Hair and makeup and stuff like that. That way we can be princesses returning to the castle!

Her friend smiled warmly and stood up from the bed.

Sounds just perfect to me, Mimi-hime. We’ll make sure to find a prince or two to escort us there too.

She winked and joined the other girl in a bubbly fit of giggles.
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Re: Random Sasuke Story Drop Place

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Toya fidgeted with his tie for the hundredth time since leaving his house. He breathed deeply and tugged at the messenger bag’s strap on his shoulder.

Life always presented first experienced. Going to a new job for the first time in years was a feat even the adaptable hunter found himself wrestling with.

Another minute of long paces down the street had him stopped in front of his destination, and he pushed open the metal gate leading to the sprawling mansion ahead.

A dark-haired bullet zoomed down the paved pathway and slammed into an invisible wall just a foot in front of him. Blue eyes and white teeth sparkled in the sunlight as the little girl beamed up at him, her dome-shaped hat nearly falling off her head in the process.

Toto-sensei, I’m ready to go!

The man crouched down and flashed a wide smile. Sensei, huh? It only felt real hearing it from his niece’s mouth. From the mouth of a new student.

Always so responsible, little star. Got your books and your uniform in order. Your parents already see you off?

He looked over her and waved at the couple standing on the large front porch, watching their little firstborn scamper off for her first experience with school.


Her eagerness was infectious, and he gently patted the top of her head.

Alright, here we go then!

He took his niece’s hand, and the two of them began their journey to Hanabira Academy.

The school was only a five minute walk from the Yutaka manor on average, but Toya felt like he was counting a dozen paces each time he took a step. The hunter could face a small army without breaking a sweat, but thoughts of facing a roomful of kids was getting to his nerves.

Hoshi must have noticed from the extra squeeze he gave her little hand. She spoke up the next time they paused to let a line of fellow pedestrians pass in front of them.

Toto-sensei, are you okay?

He tilted his head to look down at her and blinked.

Hm? I’m fine. What makes you ask, little star?

You just feel different. I can tell.

Toya laughed.

Oh really? Now where did you pick up the instincts of a hunter? I must be rubbing off on you a little too much.

He tugged gently on her hand as they began walking again.

Don’t tell anyone else, but…I’m a little worried about starting this job. Teaching kids, the next generation of the Republic. It’s such an important task, and I…maybe I’m not worthy of that. Maybe I should have stayed a warrior, where I’m most natural.

The girl shook her head emphatically.

Don’t say that, Uncle Toto! You’ve already taught me lots of things! You’re kind and smart and everyone looks up to you. I want you to be my teacher, and all the other kids will too.

He watched her silently, letting the child’s encouragement settle over him.

The truth is…I’m worried about today too. I don’t know if I’ll do well in school, even with you giving me extra lessons. And I don’t know if I’ll get along with the other students. If they’ll…like me.

They both froze. The metal gate overlooking the stone path leading up to the school’s front entrance towered over them. Plenty of security from unwanted entrants. Ryou wouldn’t have sent his firstborn anywhere with something less.

Toya crouched down and gripped his niece’s hands.

Oh Hoshi, don’t say that. You’re the sweetest, most hard-working girl ever, and I know you’ll do amazing with your work and making friends. You can come to me anytime if you need help with anything at all. I’m ridiculous, whining to you when I’m supposed to be the sensei guiding you.

Hoshi smiled and threw her tiny arms around him as best she could.

"Don't worry Toto-sensei, Mommy and Papa said that you'd look out for me, but we can both look out for each other, okay?"

He returned her beaming smile and rubbed the back of his hand across his eyes. Hopefully this meant he was letting the volatile emotions out early. As soon as he crossed the line into the school he had to be all business. For himself and his students.

Yep, you’re absolutely right. That’s what family is for. See, you’re already proving to be smarter than the teacher. We’ll be just fine together. So let’s go get em, little star.

He stood while giving her a little tap on the top of her hat. She nodded and reached for his hand again.

Okay! We’ll both have a good first day of school!

They passed through the gate side-by-side.
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