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Soragaran, or Sky Temple was the beginning of this grand village. It is now the center in which all ninja training takes place. It is here where all things involving Ninja take place. An Academy was created within the compound, as well as a building for the purpose of sending full fledged ninja out on missions. It is here that the children of the country are taught the history of thier nation. They are taught to be brave and couragous just like the Gryphon that symbolizes thier nation.
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A place of beginning. Not only for the new generation undergoing thier Ninja training, but also for the entire village. It has been nearly 200 years since it's establishment. In the days of new, it's beliefs are not as forbidden as when it was first constructed. It was a time of turmoil, almost a century before any kind of village stability was started.

Originally the temple was started in the forest of what would become Konoha. However the priest believed in teaching that one could reach enlightenment, not by spiritual means but rather through the advancement of one's mind. This of course included advancing the teachings of Technology over rituals of the spirit. This of course angered surrounding temples, since they saw this teaching as blasphis. However since they themselves could not directly attack the Sky Temple themselves, they had to use other means to see it's destruction. These means of course meant the hiring of a local Ninja clan. The clan burned the temple down and killed off the Head Priest. Leaving those whom survived to scatter into the darkness.

It would take nearly a decade for the remaining Preists to come together once again. Thier path taking them far into the east. It was the safest place for them. For the people of this age were still young of mind, and not open to the path they have brought ot them. They found themselves an island like none they have ever seen before. It was almost a paradise. A land mostly covered by forest and plenty of nature life, and almost no signs of man on it. It was the perfect place for them, secluded and plenty of resources for them to create thier own world.

A new Temple was the first building they constructed. It wasn't a replacement to them, but rather a new beginning.

It has been long since that tragic beginning happened. And that Temple still stands untouched by any technology. It stands apart from the rest of the village, to respect the Head Priest who died so they could continue on.

It's teachings have changed, and would have been forgotten had not the Ninja Academy been formed within it. The teaching of ninjutsu has been combined with the teaching of old to help carry on the story of how the village came to be. The Gryphon has become the creature of choice to base thier teachings on. It is a Spirit Beast that represents Bravery and Courage. As well it is a considered to be the King of all Life. They grow to become strong and make thier village a greater place to live. The children have even come to call the temple "Gryphon Academy."

So in it's almost 200 year reign, the Sky temple still teachs the new generation in thier own way. Creating a future that combines not only the cold of steel, but also the warmth of the heart.



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