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Soragakure is a massive city built within the center of a gaint floating country. Unlike any other village, it is one based on technology. So while it takes up the a Hidden vilalge role, it is far from being actually hidden. One could get lost within this vilage for days if they were not familiar with it. Towering buildings span into the sky with hundreds of bridges and roads connecting every inch of the village.


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Soragakure no Sato

Our hearts were strong, and we felt no loss of them as we clad ourselves in iron.

Securing this land wasn't as easy as they first believed. Much of thier time was peaceful when they were building thier temple, however when they began to journey out and spread the word of thier teachings they were once again faced with opposition to thier ideals. Again the other temples began to put thier pressure down upon the temple. However for once the gods were on the Sky Monks' side. As luck would have it that thier island was well naturally defended. There were few areas to enter onto the island, and each area was narrow enough to create a strong barrier to guard them. They were even further rewarded with the joining of the first of many followers of thier temple. At one point they believed thier defenses would be broken and theier temle set ablaze yet again. However this day would the Saica clan make thier appearance in the history of Sora. The Saica brought with them weapons that the Sora had never seen before, as well as the opposing forces. The sheer fear brought by the weapons had the enemies retreating with all thier power, bringing a peace to the Sora people again.

With the joining of the Saica clan came a new age for Sora. For with them began a rush in of not only more followers but also in technology. It is at this time that Sora changed from just a simple temple and expanded into a full village. It was started as huts and grew. The Saica clan to this day still rests its clan's compund at the base of Sora. The rest of the village however began to grow towards the sky. Wood was replaced by concrete and metal. Towers pierced the sky and bridges connected the village. Transportation changed from simple walking to carts that could ferry people tirelessly. The power of steam was spread throughout the entire village, bringing not only warmth for the cold winters, but also electricity to light the darkest of nights. Entering Sora now is almost like entering an entirely different world.

However it is now beneath the world of Sora that the greatest secrets lie. The village grew not only upwards but downwards as well. One could say that Sora is not much of an island anymore, but more over of an isolated industrial factory. It spans across the entire village bottom. It is here that the majority of Sora's technology is created in secret, from Airships to the newest weapons. Sora has become a massive store house for waging war, however they make no moves to engage in such an action. This is mostly because of thier beginnings as a peaceful temple.

One last thing remains hidden within the depths of the Sora island. not only were factories created beneath the surface of the village, but as well there was a massive engine created with so powerful of an output that it could rip the village up from the earth and finally bring it into the sky the so long for. However it isn't until the introduction of new Supreme leader in Sora that the act of ascending the village was taken into action. It was upon his joining that the once peaceful village was finally taken into all out war.

Not all of Sora is covered in metal. Actually much of the village is kept towards the center of the island. While the temple lays outside of it within the vast forest that encircles the village. This forest has be rightfully named "Gryphon Forest". Despite the great growth of the village, very little of the forest was destroyed inorder to build it. So many of the acient trees still remain. Because of the sheer spiritual expirence one gets from walking through this forest, it has become ritual for not only the monks but also the children to spend a day within it to gain the appreciation for natural life. It goes to show how well this ritual holds onto the youth, as the village despite it's growth has done little to effect the island, even when much of the center has been torn out.




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