>]Demon Country[<

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Located far to the east is this terrible and hostile land. The people here have become savage and live in a world with nothing of the peace that other nations take so greatly for granted. The land here is not for those iwth the mind to take a casual stroll. The land is laced with marshes and swamps, which house creatures more horrific then some can imagine. It is here that a gaint Demon Ninja Army has been formed in secret, amd were a war that other nations choose to ignore will be waged.

>]Demon Country[<

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Demon Country

Demon Country. It is a beautiful sight from afar. However the terror that lies within it can't be seen from a distance. The western edge of the country is vastly a different land then what truely is found deeper inside. The west is a moutainous region, filled with forest and rivers. Many whom venture into this area are stricken by it's beauty and find themselves urged to explore farther into the country. However past that scenery is a vast land with deadly swamps and marshes. The creatures here are fierce and deadly, born to survive. As well the people here have also become just as deadly. They too had to change to survived this brutal land. Thier isolation from the rest of the world has turned them savages. Thier culture tribal in nature. However as travelers have found, they are far from being called mindless brutes. The people here not only have grown into a warrior race, but thier intelligence is suprising.

An unspoken fear of this country had spread across the entire world. The country welcomed it's isolation, allowing them to grow how they wanted in secret. This land remained closed off from the rest of the world for nearly a hundred years. And it would have gone even farther, had it not been for a group of travelers who decided they weren't afraid of anything. In the end only a single one survived making it back out of the country alive. It wasn't easy though. He told of what had happened to him and his friends, and what they had seen within the depths of that evil country. He told of an army that was being made within Demon country, that was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

It was a shock to hear about this massive army. But it seemed the news was met with almost little care from the Ninja nations and thier leaders. Many of the other nations were caught up in thier own personal conflicts, to have thier attentions drawn towards an outside problem. It was the most unexpected country to step forth to oppose what Demon had hidden within thier lands. This country was the Sky Country. It seemed thier newest leader showed the most concern for this ordeal. There was little opposition from the council to stop Sky from moving to war with them, almost like they were just taking the whole thing as a joke.

The newly created Sky Army took thier village to the air for the first time. Not a week into thier campaign, they secured a strong foothold in western Demon country. However they have seen been at a stand still. The land beyond the mountains is not one easily traveled, as well the Demon Ninja easily have the advantage. With Sky unleashing their advanced technology on Demon, they have atleast managed to even the playfield, however unless some kind of advantage it found this war could last forever.



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Since Youtube has so deemed it to be a travesty to host this video on it's site. I give you this link to enjoy this beautiful piece of artwork.
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