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The academy is the forfront for all ninja training within the village. Unlike other nations, Sky's academy is newer to the nation. This is because Sky did not start out as a ninja nation. However despite this late beginning it has managed to create a stable upbringing for the youth.

>]Sora Teams[<

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Squadron Forming

Requirements for Soragakure Squadron Forming.

>A Previously Approved Character Profile.
>Previously Approved Jutsu or Equipment.
>Minimum of 1 Completed Topic.

Information on Forming a Soragakure Shinobi Squadron

On Requirements.

Making a Squadron can't be started without one main thing. A character. You can't start a Squad, or join one unless you have one. Saying, "Well that's obvious.", is nice and all, but sometimes so people skip over some of the most obvious things. I don't expect this to be a problem too much, but saying it right away is better then having to explaining it later on.

The second requirement you will notice of course, is the need to have Jutsu or Equipment approved. This is because many of the thing you will have to face as a Squad, will require the use of these types of things. While it is stated the simple canon Academy Technques, are auto-learned whne making a character. If there is anything special your character does, or he or she is in need of to use in battle. Then it's preferred that these things are approved and ready before a Squad is formed.

Third. You will need atleast one completed topic with your character, before joining or forming a Squad. It's explained pretty well here in this quote from a user on the site.

"If you can't even make a thread and complete it, how are you supposed to keep a team going?"

Squad forming can be an important thing to some users on the site. While in truth very few teams have ever made it very far on the site. The majority die within the first topic they start. However, this is an attempt to try and stop this within our own village. So if you are having the itch to join or make a team, please be sure to atleast start a topic first, to make sure you even want to Rp as the character.

On Squadron Uses.

Squads, as per canon, have two uses. Missions, and character building. It as simple as that. Now the first thing you might notice about that little list, is that Exams are not included in it. Simply, squads are rarely ever successful. This is not to put a damper on your thought of making a great team. Just more often then not, a team either goes dead, or is constently recruiting new members.

As such I have taken teams out of the lsit of things that might give you an Exam. More so why exams have been given a topic requirement. Leaving the option of Squads much open for you to use, without them having to be a priority.

Teams a very useful in getting yourself a mission topic. Simply because Genin will not be given any mission above a D class, if they are Solo'ing it. However, with a team, you can get a C class mission, and have it be more easier as there is more people to work off of. As well, when reaching higher ranked missions, a team may be the most safest thing to help you come back alive.

It has also shown that teams can be a great basis in which to greatly improve the building of a character. Of those few teams that have made it far, they have by far shown the most unique and original characters on the site. Simply because they mature with the actions of those other Characters, instead of just the imagination of the user whom created the character.

On Forming or Joining a Squad.

I'm going to start this off first with a list of Squad Formations.

    >2 Ninja Squad [Any Rank - D Ranked Missions Only]
    >2 Ninja Squad [Any Rank - D -> C Ranked Missions Only]
    >3 Ninja Squad [Genin Students + One Jounin Leader - D -> C Ranked Missions Only]
    >4 Ninja Squad [Genin Student + One Chuunin Leader - D -> C Ranked Missions Only]

    >2 Ninja Squad [Any rank - D Rank Missions Only For Genin. C Ranked Missions Only For Chuunin.]
    >3 Ninja Squad [Chuunin Only - D -> A Ranked Missions.]
    >4 Ninja Squad [Genin Only - D -> C Ranked Missions Only.]
    >2 Ninja Squad [Chuunin Only - D -> C Ranked Missions.]
    >3 Ninja Squad [Chuunin Only - D -> A Ranked Missions.]
    >4 Ninja Squad [Any Rank - D -> S Ranked Missions.]

    >2 Ninja Squad [Any Rank - D Ranked Missions Only For Genin.]
    >3 Ninja Squad [Any Rank - D -> C Ranked Missions Only For Genin.]
    >4 Ninja Squad [Any Rank - D -> C Ranked Missions Only For Genin.]
    >2 Ninja Squad [Chuunin + Jounin Only - D -> A Ranked Missions.]
    >3 Ninja Squad [Any Rank - D -> C Ranked Missions Only For Genin.]
    >4 Ninja Squad [Any Rank - D -> C Ranked Missions Only For Genin.]

Now then joining or forming a Squad is easy. To join a Squad, you onlly need to search for an active team that is looking for new Squad mate. Follow and details they may have posted, in orfer to get information on your character. Then just make a post in that topic, with the information they wish to have.

Please do not search through topics looking for a team topic that is well over monthsold. The only exception being if the topic maker told you to do so before hand.

Now as how to form a team. It jsut as easy. You'll need to make a topic. Stating what type of Squad you are forming, it's purpose, and whatever details you wish for them to give you in order for you to make your choice. Then just post and wait for the applicants.

As stated before however, you must have atleast 1 compelted topic before you form a team. While this shouldn't be much of a problem, being that most higher ranking ninja more ten likely have a post somewhere.

However let it be known. This topic that is needed, must be made and completed AFTER you have joined the village. And we do not accept joining topics as this topic requirement. This means you will have to make and complete a topic in the village before making a team. This is more directed at those whom have Village Transeferred into Sky.

As per Usual. If you have any Questions, PM any of the Follwing users. Physalis. And they shall answer ya.



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