DECAY: Flower - Birthday (OPEN)

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Re: DECAY: Flower - Birthday (OPEN)

PostPosted by Oddric » Sun Dec 04, 2011 1:06 am

With a grunt Kokuei rolled out of the way, narrowly avoiding the chunk of earth. The scroll that Kokuei took from Kurokku was still in hand. Now surrounded with puppets and Akiko directly before him, the Nara could feel the tension.

He'd have to work on some ninjutsu to defend himself in situations like this. Perhaps a mass shadow sewing technique.

"Can't have too many Naras to experiment on, right?" he scowled, raising up the scroll in his hand. "Dokutoru told me to use this on you if you refused to tell me where my brother is." Kokuei clutched it tight. "He said it'll immobilize you, freezing you in time, like pressing the pause button." He may have made some final remark before activating the scroll, but he didn't want Akiko to gain any sort of upper hand. Kokuei wanted to surprise her with the sudden action.

Light exploded from the scroll, and orange-colored electricity jumped around for a moment before climbing up Kokuei's arm. "Aaaah!!" the man fell to his knees as the lightning-like energy emerged from the scroll and danced all over his body. "Aaaaaaah!!" He continued to scream as the light became almost unbearably bright, for Kokuei anyway.

The Nara looked up to Akiko, a look in his eyes as if he was expecting the girl to save him. They had once been good friends, Kokuei instinctively went back to that feeling. Though he'd be crazy to think Akiko would want anything to do with him after everything what had happened.

In another flash of light, Kokuei vanished. That same sort of light Akiko might recognize from traveling with Dokutoru whenever he used a scroll to manipulate time. Through that, it wouldn't be crazy to speculate that Kokuei had simply been sent to another period in time, but it couldn't be said for sure what had happened-- except that Kurokku had booby trapped the scroll.

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Re: DECAY: Flower - Birthday (OPEN)

PostPosted by Love » Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:33 pm

As Kokuei began activating the scroll further in malice, Akiko's hands pushed forward, moving the Tystu puppet a few feet before her. The chakra amplifier, not unlike that found on the main puppet of the Hood, popped open on the puppet's chest. A low frequency of its unique chakra could be felt in the air by anyone looking for it, though Akiko did not assign any action to it. She was merely preparing her puppet for defense, though in her mind she now questioned how much she really needed to. If the scroll was not in fact stolen, but given to Kokuei with intent to be used, then she had fair confidence that she wasn't actually in danger. She had faith that Dokutoru would not cause harm to her, and that he was more cunning then Kokuei had accounted for.

When this thought had become reality, Akiko felt now compassion. That twitch in her towards malignity was far too gone, and her heart far too scorned by this betrayal to care for the one she once called friend. It was cold of her to think so, but she wanted to see him hurt, to see him squirm. The only thought contrary to this in her mind was that without Kokuei she might not find out what had been done with Dokutoru. The gravity of that final thought was what had turned her fingers to action. The Tytsu puppet rushed forward. The defense she had been planning for herself could work well to put off the trap that had been struck, though she had acted to late.

"NO!" Those were the final words she managed forth before the orange flash resulted in Kokuei's disappearance, and her mind was set to ponder what fate had been his.

The approached the area he had stood upon slowly, seeing no discernible sign or clue. There was only a void, and the energy in the air that could be felt because of her connection with her surroundings. Akiko couldn't escape the thought that coming back to this place had been a mistake, one that she had fair warning about but all the while ignored. Her mind questioned what would have to be done next as the raindrop chilled her on the lonesome rooftop. She didn't have an answer, but a thing that was clear was that she would need to first recollect the twin before making further choices.

She moved for the edge of the building. The Suna forces had claimed victory enough as she had committed her own war against a one-time friend that the flash of brilliant orange had not attracted unwarranted attention. Quite the contrary, as Akiko and her squad of five Human Puppets neared the edge, she looked down upon two green figures running back to her location.
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