Early Hana Present for my pal

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Early Hana Present for my pal

PostPosted by Tsuneo » Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:40 pm

Young seven year old Hana Saihoushi found a daisy growing in the field.

She reached down to pull it from the ground, but stopped.

It was very pretty. She wanted it in her hair, to tie it into the golden silk. But it was also alive. And probably happy to be there in the field, soaking up sunshine and dancing in the raindrops. If she took it, she would be beautiful all day.

If she left it, it would be beautiful for a long, long time.

Deciding to try and make the best of both, Hana lay down on the grass, then tied her hair around the daisy and lay on the grass beside it. The sun was warm and golden, gliding across her small yellow dress.

The daisy would be her friend.

She needed a good friend right now. Hana was very scared.

Her mom was hurt. Her dad was scared and running around a lot and yelling. The doctors came over to the house and made Hana leave the room and made her dad stand outside the door. Hana was told to sit in her room and wait and play with her dresses, but she couldn't.

Therer was too much screaming and yelling.

She wanted to see Aya-chan, but she was gone on a stupid vacation.

She wanted to see Aki-chan, but he was sick.

The daisy would be her friend.

It was so pretty outside. The color of the sky was so so so blue! She wondered if you could make a dress out of the sky, whether it would be that blue.

Or if she could make a dress out of the sky that had clouds that floated on it.

And then at night, when you wore the dress to a fancy party, it would turn black with sparkling stars all swirling all around.

A sky dress. The most beautiful dress.

She wanted to make one now, but then she'd have to go back home where mom was yelling and screaming.

Hana was scared again. She reached into the grass with her small hands, gathering it between her fingers, as if she were holding to the ground itself.

A ground dress would be pretty too.

It would be green. In the spring, flowers would bloom on it, in the winter it would turn white.

She would want both. A ground dress, and a sky dress.

“Hana sweetie?”

She sat up quickly, seeing the young nurse.

“You can come home now.”

“Is my mommy okay?”

“Of course she is, sweeite.” The nurse smiled and offered her hand. “And your new brothers are too.”


“Mhm. Come on, let's go meet them.”

Hana followed the nurse, unaware that the daisy had come with her hair and now adorned her golden mane.

Like a good friend should.

[Get it??? EARLY HANA??? GET IT???]
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