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The reclusive fort housing the survivors of Kumogakure no Sato's destruction, located in the center of Chiroptera Forest whose dangers and local superstitions provide a natural barrier to the rest of the world. Nestled in the roots of one of the ancient trees, the people here are learning to survive alongside the ancient forest, the local Koumori serving to help things along. However, carefully hidden away underneath the fort the shinobi way of life continues on in the shadows in Kumonohora....

Who Said Romance Was Dead? | [Arzur -- WIP]

PostPosted by Oddric » Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:00 am

Kurokku ran up the few steps that lead to a control system. What it controlled, specifically, was the TASAM. A machine, organism, thing, that could move through time and space upon Kurokku's command. It was far bigger on the inside than on the outside, and it could disguise it's external appearance to... well... anything! A tree, a rock, a ladies' bathroom stall, a worn down house. It was whatever fit best with its current surroundings.

"All right. New body, new mind, new feelings." Kurokku rubbed his hands together as he looked about the TASAM. It was the first time he was actually alone since he regenerated. "Still have the same outfit on, though. I need to change that. I need someone with a sense of style. I need a girl, a lady. I need-- Omoi!" Kurokku gasped, he reached his hand up to his hair and tugged on it slightly. "She wanted to see me when I regenerated! I nearly forgot!"

Moving about the TASAM, Kurokku flicked switches and drew seals on the tops of blank cylinders-- he was putting down coordinates for the TASAM. Though it was a little more than physical directions, Kurokku had to picture Omoi in his mind. It wasn't easy warping to someone's exact location. And with Kurokku still dealing with the bodily stress of regeneration, there was sure to be a few... mistakes. "Omoi, Omoi, Omoi. Just imagine Omoi." The man tapped a finger against his temple as he pushed the final button, causing the TASAM to shake and hum as it flew towards its destination.

Sort of, anyway. Kurokku got part of it right, he was thinking of Omoi. But his subconscious was focusing on her other half, Otoha.

The machine came to a stop, warping into existence at its destination. What it was disguised as, where exactly the TASAM was, he wasn't sure. It could have been literally anything! He'd find out once he left the TASAM.

Throwing caution to the wind, Kurokku opened the exit door (or the equivalent of, depending what the TASAM's exterior looked like) to the TASAM and stepped outside. "Omoi! I'm back!"

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