Library: Brief History of Sunagakure

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Library: Brief History of Sunagakure

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Early History

During the days of warring clans, the desert became too inhospitable to maintain constant conflict. The survivors of the bloody war banded together, forming the first Village Hidden in the Sand. The leader, a veritable wind god, crowned himself Kazekage, and a tradition was born.

5th Kazekages: The Brothers

The Jinchuuriki of the Ichibi, Gaara became the 5th Kazekage, but the pressure of the duty and the attacks of the Akatsuki were too much for him to handle. His brother Kakuro took over, and along with his right-hand man Baretto Gou, led a war against Otogakure. Sunagakure lost the war, and Kankuro was sent over as tribute to Otogakure, leaving Sungakure crippled.

6th Kazekage: The Rebuilder

Broken from the failed war with Otogakure, Kioku Kyuuchi took on the title of Rokudaime Kazekage. During this period, Sunagakure recovered from the economic devastation of the lost war, and replenished its shinobi ranks. Kioku, being a skilled medic, focused the efforts of the village into further and further medical research.

7th Kazekage: The Sentinel

After the birth of her children, Kioku retired from the position and gave it to her husband, Baretto Gou. During this time, recovery continued steadily, but Sunagakure began to again deal with international affairs. Under his guidance, Baretto sent Suna shinobi into many other countries to offer aid and fight for justice. Suna bean regaining a reputation as a world player.

8th Kazekage: Innovation

Baretto Gou's disappearance left a hole that could only be filled by a young Dakara Gou. A mild-mannered Kazekage, Dakara used his love of inventions to begin to develop new technologies for Sunagakure. Of most importance was the irrigation system, which shipped water from River Country all the way into the village. These technological advancements let the population of Sunagakure explode, and opportunities grew.

Crime also grew during this time, and the problem of the so-called "Westlands" grew worse.

9th Kazekage: The Mother

After a devastating sandstorm left Dakara crippled, Hana Saihoushi became the Kyuudaime Kazekage. Hana, young and her promotion clouded with rumors, had to prove her worth to the growing country. Hana continued to grow the technology, international involvement, and medical prowess built by her predecessors.

During her thirteen year reign, Suna became a bastion of peace and prosperity, an ideal that attracted the weak and downtrodden from every village. Hana's open-arm policy allowed everyone who wished to become citizens, adding their work ethic, culture, and expertise to the village.

10th Kazekage: Decay

Deciding to retire to spend more time with her children, Hana left the title to Noriko Hyuuga, Hana's apprentice. Noriko's reign was short-lived, with a number of catastrophic failures that occurred across the country. Between treachery from the Nobility and the collapse of Kirigakure sending a wave of new criminals to the Westlands, Suna's control slipped and collapsed.

War for the Republic

Due to the actions of Moriko Saihoushi, the Kyuudaime's daughter, and her compatriots, Toya Nanaya, Ryou Yutaka, and Kyuuen Jibo, it was made clear that it was the Nobility from the City of Seven Valleys that was engineering a takeover of Wind Country. Open war broke out between Sunagakure and the Nobility's forces, resulting in the collapse of the village and the disappearance of Noriko Hyuuga.

Dakara Gou quickly returned to his role as Kazekage and led a counter-offensive. Meanwhile, Moriko Saihoushi brokered a deal with the leaders of the Westlands to join in their war, and soon traveled south to negotiate an alliance with the Trade Union.

It was Moriko's vision of a new form of government, a Republic formed from the people of the world, that drove the allied forces of Sunagakure and Westlanders, led by Dainichi Kaizoku. After a daring rescue of sympathizing nobles, and an explosive battle at the City of Seven Valleys, the nobility surrendered and submitted to the new Republic. It was the dawn of a new age.

Founding of the Republic of Suna

Representatives from the four major factions of the Republic arrived at Hanabira, a peaceful city in the far west that would serve as the new capitol. There, a Constitutional Convention was held to create the new Parliamentary government and military divisions.

The Republic is still in its infancy, finding its footing in this world, but the flag of the Desert Flower soars proudly in the sky, ready to face whatever challenges await it.
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