Library: Four Divisions of Military

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Library: Four Divisions of Military

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[OOC Note: Any Suna character can be a part of any of these forces, but please adjust your skills and history accordingly]

The military of the Republic of Suna is commanded by the Republic's Supreme Commander. The Supreme Commander also holds the title of Kazekage, though this is a formality of a title. The military can be divided into four division.

Current Supreme Commander: Dakara Gou


The successor to Sunagakure, the Shinobi are an elite fighting force utilizing chakra to accomplish its goals. Trainees enter the Shinobi Academy at age 15 and are trained until age 18, where they are given their first, easiest assignments. Unlike the shinobi of Sunagakure, Republic Shinobi do not do menial tasks like escort or police duty, but instead focus their efforts on the most dangerous, complicated assignments. Shinobi are considered to be "over" all other divisions of the military, with the orders of a Shinobi carrying more weight than any other.

Republic Army

The standing army of the Republic and the first defense. Republic Army soliders are trained in firearms, taijutsu, armor use, and weapon techniques. The Army's function is the most multi-purpose, protecting villages, fighting against invaders or bandits, and generally in charge of keeping the peace. This is the largest division.

Westlands Rangers

Using the knowledge from generations of living off the land, the Westland Rangers patrol the wastes of the Republic, scouting for problems and mapping out the land. Westland Rangers are trained in survival and tracking and can live in the desert for months at a time without supplies. The Rangers move in groups of one or two unless on a particular mission.

Trade Protection

Trade has always been an important aspect of Suna, and in the Republic it is doubly so. With so much of its food imported by air, land and sea, a dedicated unit to protect these trade routes was imperative. Trade Protection takes either the form of the Caravan Guard (protectors of land transport), the Navy (protectors of the sea transport), or the Air Service (protectors of the air transport.) Each has its own special set of skills, particularly in the use of their vehicles, maintenance, and the use of firearms and other weapons.
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