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Library :Technology

PostPosted by Tsuneo » Sun Dec 18, 2011 11:23 pm

The technology available for use in Sunagakure is steam-based, along with basic blackpowder firearms.


Ship: Steamship is available, though sailing ships are still very common, and much more economical.

Airship: Travel by airship, for now, is very expensive and only done by important individuals or for transporting important goods. There are some military airships used for scouting and troop transport. Airship technology is not yet strong enough to support an air warship.

Train: A train network now connects most of the Republic. This is an affordable, common way for people to cross the desert without the risk of death.


Shinobi: Shinboi puppetry can now utilize steam mechanics if they wish. Firearms are available, but certainly not common or particularly efficient.

Republic Army: Heavy armor and weapons, as well as the common use of rifles and sidearms. Also some artillery, and weaponized transport trains, things of that nature.

Westland Rangers: Some firearms, but actually many prefer to use bows or spears for the sake of hunting. Other mechanical pieces for surviving in the wilderness are common.

Artificial Limbs

Using hybridized puppet technology, artificial limbs are available, provided you know the right people.

Medical Technology

As it is with the rest of the world, medical technology is oddly advanced, nearing modern times.
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