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The glistening seat of freedom, a blooming city in the dust, and the foundation of all their hope. Hanabira is the capitol city of the Republic of Suna, home to the Parliament, Higashikaze Academy, and the Hana Medical Institute.

Library: Parliament

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Electoral Districts of Parliament

The Parliament is the key legislative body in the Republic, and holds responsibility over the creating and administering of law and policy within the nation. The Republic was envisioned to be a nation where law and policy reflect the values of its powerful society. As such, Parliament provides a means for every citizen to elect to Parliament those who they believe will best represent their wishes for the republic. This is achieved through a party-based electoral system. Every citizen of the Republic has the right to both form or join any party which they believe will advocate their ideals to the Republic. Every citizen holds the right to vote a representative from any party of their choosing into their delegated seats.

Parliament sits in the House of the Lotus, which is then divided into two separate houses of debate – the Lower House and the Upper House. Every citizen has the right to cast one vote for each house. Sunagakure is divided up into 5 electoral districts (Hanabira, Westlands, Northern, Sakana and Legacy Districts - see here), the citizens of each are responsible for electing a certain number of members to each house of parliament.

This system is designed to be representative and protective of the views and ideals of as many of the Republic’s citizens as possible.

The Upper House, known as the Sumire Senate seats 75 senators, 15 elected by citizens of each of the 5 electoral districts. By providing for this equal geographical representation, the Upper House protects the diverse interests of the districts.

The Lower House, formally named the Shiragiku House, seats 150 members, with each district electing a certain number of seats dependent on that district's population (The Sakana District is the most populous and hence holds the most seats, followed by the Hanabira, Westland, Northern and Legacy Districts). Each individual is thus given an equal vote, and the Lower House serves to protect the interests of the majority.

In general, law cannot be made unless it is passed by the majority of members in both houses.
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